Reflections on the conservation of biodiversity.

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Dear readers, we have spoken in various articles about the importance of biodiversity in natural and agricultural ecosystems because they play a fundamental role in natural processes, In the same way, it has become known how agricultural ecosystems implement some practices that are unsafe for humans and generate imbalance in ecosystems because they reduce the presence of biodiversity. One of the possible solutions to this problem is the application of ecological alternatives that reduce the application of synthetic products, but not all farmers implement such practices and what was once a natural ecosystem is becoming an artificial one.

In that sense, everything begins when the natural spaces are taken to transform them for the planting of crops, since, there is no previous study of the ecosystem by the environmental entity to determine the natural resources present and the type of biodiversity, a diagnosis of the natural resources present will allow a safe distribution of the natural spaces without attacking the fauna and flora of the region. Ignorance of the existing biodiversity in a space that will be used for agricultural production could trigger its loss and the benefits that biological diversity may have for natural processes.

It can be said that for some time the traditional agricultural activities have been developing back to the conservation of the environment, For this reason, it is necessary to carry out in the productive rural sectors an ecological territorial planning that benefits the community and the existing biodiversity in the sector and in this way develop agricultural plans in accordance with the existing reality.

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Ecological management would become a governmental tool for zoning the types of land and use that can be received in terms of the type of crops that can be established, in addition to determining the type of biodiversity present in each region, which will allow to establish some parameters in terms of the use of ecological strategies that benefit the environment and of course the production of food.

On the other hand, a correct ecological management will allow, to locate the areas with greater diversity and those that contain species that are in danger of extinction, which is necessary, because there are also high rates of deforestation that breaks the habitat of some species forcing them to migrate to other areas that are not optimal for their survival and also lose the functionality of altered ecosystem.

Finally, dear readers, the management of natural ecosystems allows the identification of areas with high biological potential and those that are already transformed into agro-ecosystems can be managed with agro-ecological alternatives for the care of the environment and safely for the food production, since, the management will reflect the diversity of necessary elements such as soil classification, water availability and biodiversity that are essential to agricultural production. In this sense, Machado and Campos (2005), mention that in agriculture land management and use practices influence ecological processes, Therefore, alternatives such as ecological zoning and ecological practices should be established to maintain the quality of life of people, since human well-being depends on the well-being of the ecosystem.

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bibliographic references
  • Campos M, And Machado H. (2005). Socioeconomic, environmental and institutional diagnosis of a productive entity through participatory methodologies.Pastures and Forages, Vol. 28, No. 4


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Hello dear @gwajnberg I hope you are well, without a doubt, we must know the ecosystem where we are growing to shake it as efficiently as possible without affecting the components that make up the system.

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That was another interesting blog! I guess this sentence (that appears to be the last one of this post):

since human well-being depends on the well-being of the ecosystem.

has to be repeated again and again. We won't survive if we don't care more about where we live.


Greetings dear friend @lemouth, we must certainly repeat again and again that we are responsible for maintaining the equilbrio of our ecosystems.

So long, have a great week.

Have a nice week-end too!