Earth Day Global Warming 💯 Real

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Earth Day Global Warming 💯 Real



This is another mid day lunch rant, I think that I kept the language coded well enough that this won't get hit, but I could be wrong, time will tell. However mainly I was ranting about how it's freezing cold out again today and global warming is total nonsense. For one it's freezing cold and we are experiencing droughts, which is more likely from a Solar minimum which means colder dryer weather than global warming. Secondly Bill Gates recently bought a mansion on the beach in San Diego, because the sea level is not rising and has not risen. It's all nonsense meanwhile these people larping about climate change are running geo engineering programs that are causing problems. They want to act like they care about "Earth" meanwhile Bill Gates is running a program to block out the Sun. Total hypocrisy.

Their other big plan is clearly the death potion jabby jabby. I ranted about this for a bit and about how the jabby jabby has likely not been injected into as many people as they claim. I think the media is lying about the numbers.

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Global Warming is fake, whatever happens is supposed to happen, no-one can stop this planet from melting down in the end, The sun is hot, it will turn into a black hole and suck everything in. There is no going in worrying about what people have no control over. None of the little stuff we do has any consequence to this ending. The only thing we can do is leave this prison before it's too late. There will be a mini ice age in a decade, before the planet gets really hot, it will get vey cold first. So you have nothing to worry about, won't happen in your lifetime anyway.

Did you watch the video?

No not yet, I just read the headline. I will.

Yeah it is freezing cold out here too, I live in Hawaii. It's been cold for a long time. I began watching, just the opposite video that I expected. Unflagged this one, you seem alright I won't be on your case any more.

Cheers. Hawaii? I should be flagging you out of jealousy.