It's Hard Not to Love Earth When You See It From Space

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Today I read a science article, which led to another, and then another and so on.

I wonder, is there anyone who doesn't love Earth as it's seen from space? Such a vivid image in a sea of black and distant stars or lifeless planets, dead asteroids, comets, dust and such.

Despite having more than half a century of space exploration not by using telescopes but by actually being in space, I feel we haven't really had the courage to leave the nest much.

There is of course the matter of high costs which cannot be ignored.

Usually our space conquers were and are still driven by competition. USA versus USSR (and now Russia), public (NASA) versus private (SpaceX).

Competition has a way to motivate sides to win, or at least not to lose.

There is a different approach too. Collaboration. And we have seen that as well in our space programs. The International Space Station (ISS) is a joint programme of five space agencies, NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA, ESA, and CSA, and ownership and use of the space station is shared.

There have recently been 20 years since the first component of the ISS was launched in space, and 18 years of continuous presence on the station.

With this occasion, ESA astronaut and ISS commander Alexander Gerst recently captured the longest continuous time-lapse from space, while the station revolved around Earth two times, and we can watch a spectacular 15 minute clip.

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