Sportsbetting: my "journey" into the decadent world of gambling, - NBA Semi finals BUCKS vs NETS

in #dunklast year (edited)

armed with in total 59.9 dollars that i for real got from my grandmother on a "gift credit cards", the ones sold to those wanting to gift you something, and not have that something imediatly turned in to drugs...

So in a crazed attempt to somehow utilize this gift from "my grams" the best way possible i decided to deposit 50 Euro, in total 59.90$

Some of will ofcourse be used to play "DICE" and other "enteraining" games on the Pokerstars platform.

However 50$ are "marked" for use in NBA sports betting and i will keep a little accounting


bet 1 ) BUCKS vs NETS. 15$ on a 1.44 rate, returning around 22 if succesful,
bet 2) CLIPPERS vs JAZZ. 0.33$ on a 4x rate that CLIPPERS will beat 1st and 4th quarters of tonights game.

FUND BALANCE = 35...ish $...

i encourage evryone to check out this new #DUNK token as well as join me here in discussion of my decisions. (not the one to gamble in the first place) (discusions about my drug use are also denied, i will continue as usual untill locked up or some real consiquences start to kick in, lulz).

I tried applying photos to this "accounting" post, but for some reason they wouldnt load... So since game is brutally exciting, i post as it is. wishing you all a happy #NBA finals season.


BUCKS WON... :) 21.45$ in return, leaving me a profit of 6.45$ for risking 15$ on "the green team" as i explained it elequantly for my fiancé as i informed her of my decision of "turning to gambling and the hedonistic lifestyle". :).

Since this was "the big bet of the night" i am happy with the results

Nice pick! I'm happy they won too, but that score seemed absurdly low; NBA shenanigans?

Dont know, or Bucks being careful? wich could hurt them... I´m thinking if odds and rates seem right to bet on a NETS "we did´t lose all the games" kynd of a win. Before then BUCKS in return winning, ending that series... or something like that, i can see a scenario like that unfold, and i think i´ll be putting my $ accordingly.

Do you dabble in the fine art of gambling my friend?

yeah being a wisconsin sports fan...not thinking they were careful. i think the league gave them a freebie and that's all they could do

Did you have the Bucks winning tonight? With 1.44 odds I would think that is who you took! Hope you did!

I picked the BUCKS for 15$ on the rate of 1.45 ... cheers too that mate, have a !BEER

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