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RE: ENG] How long does it takes to claim and stake 5 different tokens on Steem Engine? // [ITA] Quanto tempo è necessario per il claim e lo stake di 5 token differenti su Steem Engine?

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I agree.

Seems like making a claim all option would be easy. I don't know though as I am not a developer. It could cause some problems with resource credits.

Making a stake-all option would be more problematic. It seems like everyone would want to claim all, but not necessarily stake all that you claimed. I have some tokens that I claim but don't stake. This would require an option to stake some but not others which could lead to errors.

I don't know though. Not a developer. I do know that I have 15 or some tokens to claim and it takes me about 15 minutes or so to claim and stake :-(

I'm sure if I was a programmer type I could set up a bot to do it. May look into that anyway. I am sure I could figure it out :-)

Keep editing because for some reason the words I type in are not coming out correctly in the post.

Like above should say for some reason and not of some reason. weird

Sort: and @steemstreems, you can actually claim all your tokens at once in the Steemleo discord (or any server that has the @Banjo bot).

Just use the $claim username command, then click the link to go to Steemconnect and then use your POSTING KEY!! to sign the transaction Here’s an example:


WOW, that's great! Do you have any plans of doing the same thing with the stake of tokens?

EDIT: ok I tried it and it works.. but it is semi automatic because we have to manually give the command every time we want to claim the tokens. I'm looking for something completely automatic which claim and stake certain tokens.

Thanks! That is awesome.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to get it to work on the iPhone Discord app. Am at work, where discord is blocked :-)

Will try when I get home. Gamechanger for me though if it works :-)

Thanks for this :)

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I know how you feel, it happens to me too. For the automatic claim you could take a look at this post: [ENG] Steem Engine: some useful instruments. /// [ITA] Steem Engine: qualche strumento utile.

Instead, there is no solution for auto-staking.