What I am grateful for on the Steem blockchain

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Thinking back over the year, and last few years using Steem. I have alot to be thankful for, many people, groups and reasons make me glad to be a part of this community.

Witnesses have been through over twenty hard forks now on Steem, and its come a long way. Without them there would be no more progress, and the history of the chain would disappear. Many great Dapps have been built by Witnesses and members of the community.

And those Dapps have really changed my life, Actifit has encouraged me to run more. Dtube encourages me to make videos and get more into Linux making my own IPFS node. And apps like Partiko and Steempeak help me form better posts and stay involved.

I am grateful for the communities, these are groups before Tribes were a thing. These groups mostly live on Discord but have a big influence on the chain as well. Groups such as @helpie @minnowsupport @thealliance and groups like The Ramble and @onelovedtube and many more.

Many of these communities have spawned curation groups and since the 50/50 reward split I have seen dozens of these curator groups popping up and their own tokens they issue as well along with upvote trails.

As I approach a thousand followers, its hard to relate as I have never had so many people into what I post. When I used to be on Myspace and Facebook I only had a few hundred but never nearly a thousand. Even on Mithril and Publish0x I have hundreds of followers.

Lastly, I am impressed with how Steem is the only crypto platform that has a near equal amount of men and women posting and curating. Usually in the crypto and tech space its 95% men, but ive noticed on Steem its much closer to an equal amount than any other platform. Along with users from around the world posting I think that Steem has one of the most diverse user bases for any crypto platform out there.

I am thankful that Steem exists and looking forward to its future, along with everyone else on that journey. Seeing the progress of Facebook, Youtube and other platforms it puts me at ease that Steem keeps growing. Eventhough the price of Steem has dropped the Dapps have grown to all new levels and gives me alot of hope for Delegated Proof of Stake and using it to build strong communities.

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Well said! Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!

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Thanks very much, hope you had a good thanksgiving as well.

When I think of great Steemians you are one of them! Thank you sir for being here and doing what you are doing!

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Thanks very much, you too @balticbadger. I saw you in the beta testing for Communities. Great to see you a part of making Steem great testing new features.

Actifit is a great application

Sure is! Such a great idea to reward tokens and upvotes for steps!

It's great to have STEEM as an outlet and the fact that is is so much more user friendly than most crypto gives it a huge advantage. Still a long way to go for the everyday user to get involved but I do love the place.

Sure is, glad we have found this gem and looking forward to the progress in the future. Seeing average every day people using Steem shows its possible to make crypto simple. Like you said we still have awhile to go through.

Thanks much for the helpie curation.


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Keep up the great work!


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