WD 4 TB My Passport Portable Hard Drive With Password Protection

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There comes at time when we just need more storage for our videos and photos and my time has come again so I just got a new WD 4 TB My Passport Portable Hard Drive With Password Protection from Amazon. It was as cheap as chips considering the amount of space it has on it.
To me 4 terabytes is a huge amount of storage and it boggles my mind that we have things like this in my lifetime. When I started in computers back in the last century. 1 megabyte was huge!
My how times have changed. If you produce a lot of videos and photos then you know how fast your space runs out.
Getting more storage frees up so much more space on my laptop which means it works a hell of a lot faster. Plus I'm not distracted by a desktop full of folders.
This drive is compatible with Xbox PS4 and PC.

This is my affiliate link and I may earn a fee when you use this link. It will not affect the price you pay.

WD 4TB My Passport Portable Hard Drive https://amzn.to/3jLmSkH


I have a stack of these 4TB drives for my video work! Those GB’s stack up so quick in the world of video. 😬

It’ll work great for you, excellent investment

Hi Ash, how you doing mate?
Good to see you back.
Yep those gigs soon add up and my laptop and other storage was getting dangerously full.
I've offloaded everything off my laptop and its belting along again like new. 😋👍

All good mate, I’m here on Hive when I get the chance! I have moments of posting a lot then cool off a bit, but work has been full on lately.

Glad the drive is working for you.
How do you sort that affiliate link thing through Amazon? Can anyone do that or is it a particular arrangement? Just interested is all.

Cheers nate

Good to hear you are ok workwise etc.
Anyone can sign up for Amazon you just need a website with monthly traffic above 5,000 unique visitors.
Stay safe 😷👍

Interesting, cheers for the heads up!

My pleasure 👍

Three things in life are inevitable, death, taxes and running out of storage! Seems to me the more storage you have the more you use, but this does look a super handy direct plug in bit of storage - might have to take a look myself!

Haha you got that right on all three counts. Yep storage is a big deal especially when we do a lot of video work.

I know that your videos are usually 20+ mins long. They must be a good few gig each and they soon rack up the storage needed.

These 4 terabyte drives are pretty cheap right now. Get em while you can. 😋👍

You could use https://handbrake.fr/ to compress before you store. Or even easier, download the video from YouTube once it is up. They do the compressing for you. A gig or 2 video will be around 100mb-ish once YT works on it.

That's a great idea Paul and YT downloaded copies are pretty good too.📷😋👍

Thanks @poshbot 😋👍

I could use one of those!