ENG] How long does it takes to claim and stake 5 different tokens on Steem Engine? // [ITA] Quanto tempo è necessario per il claim e lo stake di 5 token differenti su Steem Engine?

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Un saluto a tutti,

negli scorsi articoli ho affrontato più di una volta l'argomento riguardante la lentezza di Steem-Engine.
Non interpretate male quello che sto dicendo, sono un grande supporter delle Tribes e dei loro token, sorti grazie alla possibilità che Steem Engine ci offre di crearne di personalizzati.

Ma da quando ho cominciato a ricevere i token delle varie Tribes, sia sotto forma di Author Rewards che di Curation Rewards, per me sono sorte delle piccole perplessità. Prima di tutto riguardo l'estrema lentezza di Steem Engine e poi riguardo alla macchinosità delle procedure che va ad allungare ancora di più dei tempi di per se già molto lunghi.

Così ho pensato bene di condurre un test personale: provare a misurare il tempo necessario per effettuare il claim di 5 token e successivamente metterli in stake (cosa che faccio sempre perchè voglio supportare il più possibile le varie Tribes che sono nate).

Il risultato è il video che è allegato a questo post.. ben 4:30 minuti!

E' possibile limare questo tempo di qualche secondo, diciamo portandolo a 4:00 minuti ma sono convinto che sia impossibile fare meglio.

Va specificato che questa lentezza non dipende dalla mia connessione a internet visto che dispongo di una Fibra da oltre 100 Mbps e neanche dalla potenza del mio Personal Computer che ha delle caratteristiche molto elevate essendo per me uno strumento di lavoro.

A questo punto chiedo direttamente e umilmente allo staff di Steem-Engine nelle persone di @aggroed (CEO, founder, and business owner), @holger80 e @yabapmat (che si occupano della parte tecnica), se sia possibile in qualche modo rendere più veloce Steem-Engine o se ci siano motivazioni tecniche che impediscano questo miglioramento.
Inoltre chiedo loro se è previsto, in uno dei prossimi sviluppi, l'implementazione del claim automatico e dello stake automatico dei token che, appare abbastanza ovvio, renderebbe l'utilizzo di Steem Engine molto più piacevole e veloce. Basterebbe inserire due caselle da spuntare accanto al nome del token (nella lista di quelli in nostro possesso nell'interfaccia di Steem Engine), riguardanti il claim automatico e lo stake automatico di quel determinato token.

Ci tengo a precisare che questo non è un post di critica nei confronti di Steem Engine, che ripeto è una piattaforma che mi entusiasma, lo dimostra il fatto che ho scelto di votare come Witnesses sia @holger80 che @aggroed.
Piuttosto è una richiesta di alcune migliorie tecniche, sempre che siano fattibili; non sono uno sviluppatore e magari quello che chiedo è irrealizzabile, ma nel dubbio è sempre meglio chiedere!

Un saluto a tutti
Carlo (@miti)

Disclaimer: I contenuti di questo articolo non intendono in alcun modo costituire sollecitazione al pubblico risparmio oppure consulenza all’investimento di nessuno strumento finanziario.


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The English version of this article was made with the use of Google Translate. I do apologize for inaccuracies in the English translation but sadly, I don't have the time to translate it by myself.

Hello everybody,

in the last few posts I handled the subject of the slowness of Steem Engine more than once.
Do not misunderstand what I am saying, I am a great supporter of the Tribes and their tokens, born thanks to the possibility that Steem Engine offers us to create personalized ones.

But since I started receiving the tokens of the various Tribes, both in the form of Author Rewards and Curation Rewards, little doubts arose for me. First of all about the extreme slowness of Steem Engine and then about the cumbersome procedures that already requires very long times.

So I thought I would conduct a personal test: try to measure the time required to make the claim of 5 different tokens and then put them in stakes (that is what I already do because I want to support the various Tribes that were born as much as possible).

The result is the video that is attached to this post .. 4:30 minutes!

It is possible to refine this time by a few seconds, say bringing it to 4:00 minutes but I am convinced that it is impossible to do better.

It should be specified that this slowness does not depend on my internet connection since I have a Fiber with over 100 Mbps and not even on the power of my Personal Computer which has very high characteristics being for me a working tool.

At this point I ask directly and humbly to the staff of Steem-Engine in the people of @aggroed (CEO, founder, and business owner), @holger80 and @yabapmatt (who deal with the technical part), if it is possible in any way to make faster Steem-Engine or if there are technical reasons that prevent this improvement.
I also ask them if, in one of the next developments, the implementation of the automatic claim and the automatic token stake is expected, which would appear quite obvious, would make using Steem Engine much more pleasant and fast. It would be enough to insert two checkboxes next to the token name (in the list of those in our possession in the Steem Engine interface), concerning the automatic claim and the automatic stake of that given token.

I want to clarify that this is not a critical post against Steem Engine, which I repeat is a platform that excites me, as demonstrated by the fact that I chose to vote as Witnesses both @holger80 and @aggroed.
Rather it is a request for some technical improvements, as long as they are feasible; I'm not a developer and maybe what I ask is impossible, but in the doubtn it's always better to ask!

Carlo (@miti)

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered an individualized recommendation or personalized investment advice.

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I agree.

Seems like making a claim all option would be easy. I don't know though as I am not a developer. It could cause some problems with resource credits.

Making a stake-all option would be more problematic. It seems like everyone would want to claim all, but not necessarily stake all that you claimed. I have some tokens that I claim but don't stake. This would require an option to stake some but not others which could lead to errors.

I don't know though. Not a developer. I do know that I have 15 or some tokens to claim and it takes me about 15 minutes or so to claim and stake :-(

I'm sure if I was a programmer type I could set up a bot to do it. May look into that anyway. I am sure I could figure it out :-)

Keep editing because for some reason the words I type in are not coming out correctly in the post.

Like above should say for some reason and not of some reason. weird

@miti.blog and @steemstreems, you can actually claim all your tokens at once in the Steemleo discord (or any server that has the @Banjo bot).

Just use the $claim username command, then click the link to go to Steemconnect and then use your POSTING KEY!! to sign the transaction Here’s an example:


WOW, that's great! Do you have any plans of doing the same thing with the stake of tokens?

EDIT: ok I tried it and it works.. but it is semi automatic because we have to manually give the command every time we want to claim the tokens. I'm looking for something completely automatic which claim and stake certain tokens.

Thanks! That is awesome.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to get it to work on the iPhone Discord app. Am at work, where discord is blocked :-)

Will try when I get home. Gamechanger for me though if it works :-)

Thanks for this :)

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I know how you feel, it happens to me too. For the automatic claim you could take a look at this post: [ENG] Steem Engine: some useful instruments. /// [ITA] Steem Engine: qualche strumento utile.

Instead, there is no solution for auto-staking.

I completely agree with the author - to process each token manually is hell -
@holger80 @aggroed

He just looks like me after I've processed each token manually.. LOL

I think they heard us 🐳 - I collect tokens like a robot 📡 turn on the speed 🏎💨 🏴‍☠️

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