Let's Calm Some of This Corona Fear-Mongering.

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As you may have noticed, I've been taking some time away from Steem after spending far too many hours researching, discussing, and writing about the hostile take-over, and ongoing occupation, of our blockchain by @JustinSunSteemit. At first I was pretty sure we were just going to fork away, and felt great about that. At this point, it's feeling less and less likely we will actually have a resolution to this, and I'm moving all my best content over to my new site, so I am no longer dependant on this platform.

Anyway, I felt it only right to make a re-appearance, at least for a moment, to give a slightly less panicky take on the nCoV19, based on my research, reasoning, and simply reading actual reports instead of just news articles.

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First, the mortality rate is NOWHERE near 3.4%

So, this one started off as simply a thought that I had, using my reasoning and logic. I shared the thought (that I had not heard from anyone yet) with some friends the other day:

After a bit of discussion with them, one link was sent my way, and after doing some more research, I found a lot more evidence to support my idea (and experts putting forth the exact same argument.)

“You get an unfairly high estimate of the severity and the case fatality risk” - Marc Lipsitch, professor of epidemiology at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health

Of the 705 passengers who tested positive for the virus on the Diamond Princess, six died -- which is a death rate of less than 1%. All of the patients who died onboard were more than 70 years old. - ABC News (Emphasis Mine)

“When we see systems that are able to account for not only the really sick, but also those who have infection and are outpatients, the CFR is more accurate and drops considerably” - Isaac Bogoch, a professor at the University of Toronto

“To get a [true] rate, you need the deaths — which you can more reliably pick up — and you need cases, which you can less reliably pick up” ... “It’s not irresponsible to come out with that [3.4 percent] number, but it should have been more clearly interpreted as not being reliable, or at least mention it’ll vary in regions.” - Lawrence Gostin, a global health law professor at Georgetown University

“There is no evidence that we’re seeing only the tip of a grand iceberg, with nine-tenths of it made up of hidden zombies shedding virus" ... “What we’re seeing is a pyramid: most of it is aboveground.” - Dr. Bruce Aylward of the W.H.O.

“The best estimates now of the overall mortality rate for COVID-19 is somewhere between 0.1 percent and 1 percent. That’s lower than you’ve heard probably in many reports” - Brett Giroir, Assistant Secretary of Health

Why The Panic?

This is where things really get interesting, because there are SO many organizations and people that are benefiting from the fear-mongering, and it is actively being used to push long-time agenda items of the Technocrats. Just like 9/11, the actual who/how/why doesn't really matter to the folks who never let a crisis go to waste.

Articles Focusing on the Problem-Reaction-Solution

The 2 Most Important Things

With so much information, misinformation, and complete guesses swirling around out in the media and in the masses, there are just a couple things that we know are true, and which are very important to remember. As this whole thing unfolds, one of these things is being reinforced, and the other is being actively attacked "for teh health." Let's see if you can guess which is which...

  • "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin
  • It's easy & important to practice personal hygiene, AND we should all be doing this all the time, not just when there's a "health crisis."

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My prediction is you'll live, Kenny:)

Oh ya, I'm not worried.

Great view. I'm personally more worried about the economic pandemic that will affect all of us. This could be their way of resetting without it being blamed on banks and their hyper printing of money. I also read an interesting take here on Steemit the other day that China was rolling out the 5G and using this as the scapegoat for any health issues that were being caused by its implementation. Got sick, not the 5G, our tests show its Corona. I find that idea plausible as well given what I find as credible evidence to the harmful effects of 5G (look up Robin Trower for a start on Youtube, although many of his videos I cited in the past have been taken down).

Of course, this could be the beginning of the culling of the herd I have read so much of (Georgia guide-stones, etc). Stay safe. If the shortages and quarantines grow, the real danger will be mobs of hungry folks.

When the gov "help", you can rest assured that the cure will be 10X worse than the disease itself.

Saw that same picture without the "posted at the doctors office today" portion.

I remember being in Guatemala in 2016, with folks up in the states worried about us and Zika, and nobody in Guatemala having even 0.01% concern about it.

Great post!

Yep, great catch. Thank you.