DIY~ I Got Plans For This Old Compressor ~ DIY

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I couldn't help but share my excitement about this old compressor I picked up. My little noisy 2 gallon compressor just isn't cutting the mustard.... I need some volume!! No not noise, I am taking tank size. Those oil-less air compressors are so dang loud. I have been looking around for something bigger but dang they are spendy. When taking with a guy at work he told me he had one and it was old but worked great. He ended up getting this old Westinghouse compressor given to him. He did some cleanup on it and replaced some of the leaky fittings. He put close to $50 into it so I gave him $60 to take it off of his hands. Considering a new 30 gal air compressors are somewhere around $300-$400 I think I did pretty good on this one.


I plan on making a few adjustments to it as explained in the video. But if you don’t feel like seeing or listening it to me blab about how cool this old compressor is.... No really it is really cool and surprisingly quiet. Watch the video, you will be amazed. I am going to be heading to the store today and pick up some parts to change how the air outlet pipe is arranged.

Add some wheels to the 4 legs for ease of mobility. This thing is HEAVY!!
Possibly install and On/Off switch on the side

Paint... no way!! This baby is staying As-is. I am also wanting to add some kind of a handle for pushing it around and a cover over the belt for safety reasons. This compressor is made of steel so welding on it will be a piece-o-cake. I haven’t looked up any of the part or serial numbers yet, I just want to get to tinkering with this beast. After I compete this I will show you all another video of my final product.


Let the Fun Begin!

Until Next Time...

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It may be old
It works great

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I like the patina of it...Looks rustic and old AF but hell, if it works who cares! $60 smackers...Not bad at all.

I was just amazed at how quiet it is when it’s running. I just put some wheels on it, and soon I plan to build a rack to hold the air hose and a few different air attachments. Who knows, maybe it will be a little air compressor work station. Lol.

I do like the look of it, reminds me of Frankenstein. Looks like it has a bunch of parts thrown on it.

Reminds me of a steampunk item...Add some quirky bits and pieces off random other machines and it'll be your own personal steampunk compressor work station! Post as you improve it mate, I'm keen to see.

Just wait until she is complete... 😉

Don't tease...

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That’s a nice compressor for sure. Getting your hands on old ones like that is great, ones that are possibly built to last, not built to break. I don’t care for the oil-less ones, what’s hard about checking and adding oil to it before you use it?

I know right... it take so much time and soo much effort to check the oil. Just like a car, pop the hook, pull the dip stick out, wipe it off, put it back in, pull it out and check... close hood. Takes all of maybe 2 minutes. Lol My 8 year old 2 gallon oil less is getting retired for sure!!

Screenshot-2020-2-21 DIY~ I Got Plans For This Old Compressor ~ DIY — Steemit.png

BOOM! $10.00!


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60 bucks? nice!

I like the colour ;)

have fun :D

I used it a bunch yesterday to build a new bed frame. Hopefully I will finish it up today. That old beast works great!!

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