Bitchute & LBRY Explained: Battle of The Platforms

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An in-depth look at two of Youtube's biggest competitors: LBRY and Bitchute. Features, Technology, and Viability.

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Hey cool I have been curious about both of those platforms but haven't really dug into them yet. Very comprehensive review here!

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Thank you! They are both good platforms I'd suggest checking them both out. I created accounts on LBRY & Bitchute the same time as i created my Steemit account for Dtube, and I use them all.

My point is that youtube has a monopoly. Few platforms have achieved the success of youtube and obviously cannot compete with this web giant.
Something amazing has to happen for the dynamics to change and for an oligopoly to be formed first and then I don't know. Very interesting your observations. Greetings @ds-tech

I agree, BUT Youtube is alienating it's users AND creators. The creators are what made Youtube great, and they are pushing them aside for big media companies more and more. If the trend continues I think the users will seek out the best alternative to Youtube.

Hello, it is interesting to know the different platforms that we can find in this place, there are so many that it is important to know about them. Thanks for letting me know. I congratulate you on your art and curie vote. Good video. Greetings

great post !! really interesting information, I didn't even know about the existence of these two platforms !! i feel old;)) thanks for sharing

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