TUTORIAL: Introduction To Computer Networking

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A crash course to computer networking, particularly with Linux, but most of what I show you here applies to Mac/Windows as well.

We go over basics such as:

Routers, Switches, and NICs
Gathering your network's information
Port forwarding basics
Networking tools like nmap, netstat, tcptrack, etherape.

PLUS how to make your own Ethernet cables!


Awesome!! I'd love this!!! I switched to Linus last year and am. A total noob ....
Where can I find the course?

Well the video is the tutorial.
On my channel I have some other Linux videos too, but none of them are specifically for people who are new to Linux.
I am thinking about doing a video like that though
Which Linux distro are you using?

Well I'm feeling pretty dum....
I just totally glossed over the link and didn't see it...
Thanks! I'll check tout your channel when I'm home! I'm also up for watching videos a few times until I get them...
I use Linux mint. I went through a few but really settled on it. Now our family (and our company) computers all run on Linux mint.

Mint is an awesome choice. I usually recommend Mint to people. When I get around to making the video for new Linux users I'll probably use Mint.
I started using Linux in 2014, and now all of my computers run it too. I still have Windows on a couple, but rarely use it.

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Good tutorial

Дякую тобі :)
I was going to say Спасибо, but then I realized you write in Ukrainian and it's said much differently.
I always thought the language was shared between Russia/Ukraine.
My ex was Russian and her parents had neighbors were from Ukraine and they both spoke what I thought was Russian.