New Research Finds MORE Problems With Gene Editing

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Jonathan Latham of Independent Science News joins us to discuss his reporting on the latest research demonstrating the dangers of gene editing.

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This is Alester Crowley's vision come true. AC promoted an opposite spiritual paradigm. Defiling everything good and natural was his daily endeavor. AC would fill his plate with shit and now his followers can eat these gene edited "shit cows" from Brazil.

I caution you about General Mills GMO granola bars and GMO beer. A beer company actually said they can make tastier beer using GMO technology.

Some people want to enjoy traditional foods because they DON'T change. Change isn't always a good thing.

Until recently, scientists called parts of DNA "junk", because they didn't know what it did.

Actually, scientists have NO CLUE what DNA does.
They still believe that DNA is what makes the body its size/shape/whatever.

They are still stuck in the everything has to be physical and there is no God, no spirituality.

And, with such blinders going in, they will continually fail at what they are trying to do and be very confused, because they can't see.

It seems your point is that God has nothing to do with physicality, and only has import spiritually? I don't agree, but I also don't think you agree with God being only a spiritual being, and neither effecting nor affecting the physical world.

As I know many researchers that are devout in various denominations, I suspect you refer only to atheist researchers, since only they would agree that 'there is no God'. Given that atheism is a minority, even of scientists, perhaps blinders are innate to people of every faith, and not only devout atheists.

Would you agree that we all have blinders, but that it is our spiritual blinders that blind us most deeply?


It seems your point is that God has nothing to do with physicality

oh, no. God is in everything; is everywhere.
I was saying that modern materialistic science discounts God AND spirituality AND metaphysics.

It is an analogy that DNA is like a radio, and the scientists are currently believing the antenna creates the vibrations that cause the radio to play music. "What a strange thing this antenna is having all of this music stored inside of it."

Our reality is a continuum from physical to spiritual, from physics to metaphysics, and thus separating the two ends up with a philosophy/science that is half baked at best.

My point is that by characterizing all scientists and science as deranged atheists, you are doing exactly what you accuse them of. Science is simply asking questions in ways that reveal answers. Some scientists are imbeciles, and there is no shortage of corrupt and unscrupulous politicians seeking means of fooling people into acting as their minions, who seize on such statements and further twist them in propaganda reports they mislabel as 'science news'.

Science does not reveal that antennae create music. It is disingenuous to say that's what science is, or what scientists do.

Neither physics nor metaphysics have proven what our reality is, and mistaking your personal belief for absolute truth simply disregards every other person's views as wrong. I don't think you mean to do this. I suggest you may be misstating your understanding of specific errors as being inherent to all science. I also suggest you are no less wrong than everyone else.

Or do you claim to be The One True Prophet all of we mere plebs should bow down to and obey unquestioningly? If not, you should phrase your statements accordingly, like 'I believe our reality is...', rather than 'Our reality is...'


Currently, i cannot say what is correct, although i have some ideas.
However, i can say that modern materialistic science is wrong by disproving all of the commonly held beliefs... i mean theories.

Einsteins theories are completely wrong.
Not in a way that requires a little fix, they are completely wrong as in the foundations of everything Einstein used is wrong.
But, Einstein is still held up as the most brilliant thinker.


i am not against science, i am against "modern materialistic science".
And yes, in modern materialistic science they have written God out the equation, they have separated physics from metaphysics,

THUS... the music must be stored in the antenna.

BTW the structure of DNA is very interesting.
In one view it is the perfect electrical antenna.
In the other view, it is the perfect magnetic antenna.

This is terrible news. I am not sure I grasp the mechanism by which unexpected DNA, from animals uninvolved in the research gets into the produced genomes, but E.coli was mentioned as the culprit, which makes me think bacterial lateral gene transfer is the mechanism. This should be relatively trivial to sort, now that it's known to impact this research.

No one, particularly not researchers intent on particular results, wants unexpected DNA to adulterate their products.