Performance - Industrial Heart


by @nicklewis on Modulations

Performance - Industrial Heart

This is the outcome of said jam!

I employed a number of plugins for this piece of music, the outcome sounding a little bit like Boards of Canada meets industrial techno. I kept going for about 7 minutes or so.

In this track I used:

AUM, always and forever. I even use AUM now for recording my audio podcasts, such as the previous post on this Substack that went out earlier in the week, thanks for your lovely feedback on the podcast episode! Why not comment on this newsletter or recommend us. I may gift you a paid subscriber subscription if you do!

Glitchscaper - this is a new one I’ve bought, let me tell you something, it is quite something, very cool bit of kit. These apps always impress me, especially when they come from a developer who keeps on delivering amazing value each and every time. His name is Igor Vasiliev, who developed other apps including Spacefields which is also brilliant, I have that in my collection, will do a video.

Fluss - was created by Bram Bos (Ruismaker) and Hainbach

Hammerhead (Ruismaker again!!) - Rhythm station

Ruismaker Noir 2 - relentless rhythm synth, and it is indeed amazing

Looperator (Sugar Bytes) - chopping and dicing sound in real time to create new loops on the fly, I love this one

Other Desert Cities (Audiodamage) - Now how do I describe this effect module? Lazy copy ‘n paste coming up - Other Desert Cities, named after a famous sign on the I-10 highway leaving Los Angeles, is a workshop for creativity. As its namesake implies, there are many strange and wonderful things lurking inside. With six algorithms, each with its own unique personality, and extensive modulation capabilities, Other Desert Cities can fill multiple niches, from basic stereo dual delays to never-before-heard granular pitch-shifting chaos. I love this one too!

A great combination of instruments and effects here, they compliment each other really nicely.

Check out today’s video..!