Have you tried earning BAT - basic attention token with Brave or Publish0x?

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Have you tried earning BAT - basic attention token with Brave or Publish0x?

Have you tried earning BAT - basic attention token with Brave or Publish0x?

BAT basic attention token

BAT is an advertising token built on the Ethereum blockchain, and it serves decentralized monetization of the web and social media content across multiple platforms, it connect the advertisers, publishers and users into a unique marketplace that uses Brave Browsers as a medium of connection.

How to earn BAT with Publish0x

You can earn BAT by participating in Publish0x - writing, commenting and tipping other users.
Tips are free and they reward a person who tipps as well.
Earning BAT is relatively easy and withdraw minimum is small.
This is my profile on Publish0x. The most popular topics are cryptocurrency, airdrops, tokens and blockchain, but Publish0x supports a wide variety of topics and you can have three individual blogs there.

Publish0x aschatria

How to earn BAT with Brave Browser

You can also signup with the Brave , which will require you to KYC with Uphold wallet which is very much similar the one of Skrill, so it is fast and simple.
After that you can add your online spaces and collect rewards either by surfing on Brave Browser or receiving tips on your online content - on your social accounts and a website if you have one.

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BAT - basic attention token
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  • Yes, with both

  • Yes, with Publish0x

  • Yes, with Brave Browser

  • No, I need more info

  • No, I am not interested

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