Don't Let Me Down with Downvotes

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A newcomer, newbee, he is a new steemian, some experience many obstacles in creating a content. How to post articles, it is still difficult to come up with ideas.

The Chainsmokers ft. Daya say in the song "Don't Let Me Down"

Difficulty explaining about Downvote to the new steemians

The new steemian that I tried to recruit in order to start the steem community at my place, couldn't even fully understand about upvote.

Generally people are attracted to something when it has economic value. When there is financial potential, or even to earn a fortune. To some extent I was initially interested in Steem also because of that. Expect a result from steem activity. And indeed, the Steem Platform is indeed designed and supported. The thing about someone who might get an appreciation benefit in the form of money, in this case Steem, one of the cryptocurrency, a cryptocurrency based social media, when he gets an upvote.

New Steemians are still learning to just stand up and grow in steem world, let alone to develop. When he has experienced difficulties, struggled and finally can create content, then there is a little appreciation from people around in the form of upvote, there is a kind of satisfaction there. That the effort finally succeeded. Frankly it makes the steem so interesting.

But then, something suddenly appeared. When someone has tried as much as possible with all its limitations to grow even more desire to develop. But then blowing downvote, the downvote is blasting. All upvotes are gone!

Associated with downvote until he thinks that, To grow and develop is so difficult that it has to limp and bleed, explore ideas, maximize enthusiasm and effort, ... but then there is one powerful weapon that is 'deadly', is downvote. All works, disappear just in a second!

Of course, I understand because a newcomer to steem, he still has many limitations, maybe shortcomings, even mistakes. But by being blocked by a downvote, it felt like a message in front of the door "Don't Entry the Steem", downvote felt like being driven out and rebuked to leave Steem.

I also understand, for older players who are big, tough and experienced things like downvote are not very meaningful, and can be considered windy because there is no significant effect on a big steem account, maybe just a little dizzy just not faint when downvote. But for minnow, even plankton, I think downvote can kill it.

Maybe, and it's not something that is certain, STEEM will only be inhabited by dolphins and whales only, when the plankton and Minnow are desperate. Only the big survive. But what about the philosophy of future development, that steem should be widely known and sought after not only enjoyed by a few people.

Downvote make new steemians become inferior, pessimist and even more afraid.

To this day, I still have difficulty explaining about downvote to my friends who I hope to be a friend in steem too.


Projeck apa ini pak bro..
Wah g kabar kabar lah

bukan project. curhat tentang downvote saja ;)

Pak pur tlong bntu promotion yg blom lolos

All right, we have resteemed to thousand followers.. Thank you very much to choose us as your witness.