Dogecoin Turning to Billboards

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Interesting to see how Dogecoin is turning to the billboards and do some marketing. I think I have never seen any other crypto advertising on billboards asking people to invest in Dogecoin.

These are some pictures from New York.





Dogecoin is currently trading around $0.48 and has seen a huge spike this year jumping to 5th place on the list as shown on


That spike in the end has changed the game for Dogecoin. I don't know if it's the tweets from Elon Musk that spiked it or some other reason but it seems like it's because of the tweets by Elon Musk making the investors turn to Dogecoin.



The people have spoken.

They should do the same with Hive.
Unfortunately conversations are rare even on the Hive itself.
This post is a perfect example. 153 upvotes, 0 comments.
Now there is 1 comment. This.
Most of the 153 upvotes are probably automatic upvotes, and the casters probably have not even seen the post so far.



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