Another doctor speaks out

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The above is a nurse in the UK talking on social media about the wards and beds being empty, whilst the presstitutes and government pretend they are full, meanwhile the seals known as the public go outside and virtue signal by clapping into thin air in appreciation for people like the nurse above, even though she states quite clearly, they are not treating people, instead they are on the Chinese government app named tik tok, dancing instead.

The below is a doctor!.

I tripped over a new lady on youtube, she is very careful with her wording so as not to get banned or censored.

She said last week they have big plans to hold governments to account.

Pamela popper is the handle she goes by on youtube.

One worth keeping an eye on for sure.



Dunno about doctor but the tweet don't look genuine

Both real, both can be self verified.

I did look but couldn't see it :O)

Have you met Vernon yet? He is an author and quite well known.

No, I havent met him but I did have a right good look at the nurse tweet and it ain't there

That was a month ago I took that screenshot, you got nothing better to do like watch a video from today of a scientist pulling this hoax apart?

Ah shepzy, all I'm saying is, if you put up proof then it's gotta be there and that tweet ain't there

No, thought not, does not fit your narrative hey?