3D printer success story

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This is the old handle that was on the screen door portion of our slider door. It had probably been there since 1992, and it was very broken. You can see it had been re-screwed in place a time or two. The inside (not pictured) was so broken, there was nothing left to hold onto to open or close the door. The only way to open it was to use a pair of pliers to grab a little piece of plastic remaining at the bottom. It was going to be just a matter of time before that broke off, too.

I made inquiries at a hardware store, and learned this type of handle was no longer available. I would probably have to buy an entire new screen door in order to replace the handle. What a bother! And what an expense!


I grumbled about this to local librarian @jacobtothe, who suggested using a 3D printer to make a new handle. The area library system owns such a printer, and it is currently located at a library not far from where I live. He found what I needed on Thingiverse, downloaded the file, and printed it for me at the library. It only cost $4.45, minus a $3 coupon he gave me, and it fits beautifully and works just fine!

Even though I have no understanding of how a 3D printer works, I enjoyed watching it work on my new handle, and am very pleased with the results. Hurray for the library and for its programs and services!


For the curious, here is the file I used. There are many others, too. I was a bit concerned about the bridging in the recessed potion of the handle, but as you can see, it wasn't much of an issue.

Our printer is a Dremel Digilab using their proprietary PLA filament. The plastic may biodegrade over time, but that depends on any number of factors, and now we know how easy it is to replace if anything does happen!

Thanks for the additional details!

Oh wow!!
I keep reading and watching all this 3D printer stuff
And it is just so mind-boggling
I haven't actually seen it in person but would love to
And look at your door handle - that's just too cool
And the price!! Way too cool

Yes, I am very pleased with it!

It's always good to see 3D-printed everyday objects! Have you considered sharing this on the 3D printing community? I didn't even know we had one here until @holovision told me about it.

I will check into that!

It's a really powerful technology and the full potential of this is yet to be discovered for sure.