Was supposed to be a simple fix

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The foundation has been jacked in this area under our bathroom since we moved in. When I installed the gas line a couple months ago I saw how shitty the wall was and intended to just fill in the hole under it. Today I tried jacking the section up to brace it but of course, the foundation just broke away! Leaving me this gaping hole. After a solid bout of cussing and bitching to myself I got to fixing it.

I am lucky to have collected a ton of old bricks that had yet to be used in projects so I hauled wheelbarrow loads around the house and began stacking. It is just a hand stack but I have 4 or 5 solidly wedged bricks that are tight against the sill runner.

It has been very obvious that a whole host of vermin have made the area home over time. Well no more of that shit. I am on a crusade to rid our house of all pests and this will keep the biggest of the trash out.

You can see the big chunk of foundation in front of the foam. That was what broke out.

So after what was supposed to be 15 minutes but ended up over an hour, I got it back to some semblance of correct.

Seems the story of my life any more. What looks straight forward turns into a shit fest and becomes 3 times as hard.

Well, now onto the next project which hopefully won't be such a pain in the ass.

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 2 years ago 

That looks like a temporary fix. Are you going to finish it with cement?

My plan is to get back to it with a coating. Most important now was to give support to the house so I don't get any sag in the sill. I can use some shims in places but may just try and fill with cement when I coat it.

 2 years ago 

How old is your house, by the way?

The part that just broke off was from 1926 on the original part of the house. In 1976 the previous owners added onto the house which is our bedrooms and living room. I guess i shouldn't be surprised that somthing like this has happened to 90+ year old concrete.