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RE: Want to learn to program?

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Anyone who wanna learn to code Python on the go via mobile.
Check out Python they have a lifetime sale where you save 95%
Looks like this in the Play Store


I paid 8.7$ dollars for this Lifetime oO

Just wanted to let you guys know.
I gain nothing from this

 last year 

I'd find it hard to learn and code on a phone but I know some do.

Ye well, I think its a good tool to keep one practicing on the go :D It was just at a ridiculous price!
I would also rather code on the computer :D

 last year (edited)

Have a look at Anki as well, you can download premade Python decks.

Spaced Repetition is one of the most powerful learning techniques ever discovered.

Dont know what Python decks are, but nice thanks!

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A deck with Anki is like a set of flash cards.

The idea with spaced repetition is you go through the flash cards, and reschedule them for later depending on how well you feel you know it. If you feel you know something really well, it will schedule it days or weeks away, if you don't know something, you will start seeing it more often. There app automatically schedules based on how you score (1-5 based on how much you know it) each card after you answer it.

Uhh, sounds like an amazing app!

I will start with learning the basis and then download Anki :D