Bug in pulling account history in Beem 0.24.26

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I was building an update to my Hive Engine Tools to pull up details from the @utopis project and I noticed some inconsistencies that I couldn't explain.

When I listed out transactions going from @utopis to @themarkymark I noticed there was a gap of transactions.


Here you can see some of the transactions for @utopis to @themarkymark, specifically look from top to bottom starting with 20.424 where the next transaction is 84.385. I repeated this code over and over and I keep getting the same result.

I used HiveSQL and I notice there are many transaction during this gap. Quite a few in fact, and these are over a significant portion of time (weeks) not in a short period of time that would be the result of a short gap.


I did some tests querying (multiple) nodes directly using curl and looked through the results and noticed all transactions were reported properly. I also looked at HiveJS and noticed they were all reported properly. This appears limited to Beem only.

Here is the simpliest version of the code I am using to query for the account history.

hive = Hive(node=['https://api.deathwing.me'], appbase = True)
utopis_account = Account('utopis')

divs = []

hive_history = utopis_account.history(start=-1, only_ops=['transfer'])
for transaction in hive_history:
    if transaction['to'] == user:
        divs.append([transaction['timestamp'], transaction['to'], 'HIVE', 

history = get_history()

I have tried multiple nodes and same results, there is no variance in what is returned.

Temporary Solution - If I remove only_ops=['transfer'] and manually filter the ops on my end, I am able to see all operations.

hive = Hive(node=['https://api.deathwing.me'])
utopis = Account('utopis')

divs = []

hive_history = utopis.history(start=-1)
for transaction in hive_history:
    if transaction['type'] == 'transfer' and transaction['to'] == user:
        divs.append([transaction['timestamp'], transaction['to'], 'HIVE',                
history = get_history()



I created an issue on Github with similar details to recreate it.


hope you find its solution soon I'm also facing a lot of error its started today these are the interface not working peakd ,ctp, leodex, hive-engine and I'm seeing this error on peakd can you help me fix it it's working just fine on mobile but I'm facing errors on pc help @themarkymark

The gap occurs somewhere between utopis account history transaction 971 (the 20.424 transfer on 29/03) and utopis account history transaction 2015 (the 84.385 transfer on 10/05). So it's a gap of roughly 1000 transactions.

The account history API allows up to 1000 transactions to be pulled at a time. So getting a full account history requires a loop of batches of 1000 transactions. I'm guessing there's a problem either pulling or processing one particular batch.

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Does this have anything to do with hiveengine.usehive not working @themarkymark? I'd really need to get it up and running as soon as possible, you know ;-).

No, I took it down as the Hive Engine api has too many issues and not worth maintaining.

So this perfect tool won't be working anytime soon @themarkymark?

Doesn't seem so