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RE: Wochen-Wahnsinn - Die 100te-Wurzel aus e hoch APR

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Hey there... I saw you had a couple of failures with my Lightning system I'm looking at it.

This sometimes happens when the price of bitcoin swings quickly vs Hive and the new version of the front end I'm releasing very soon will take care of this much better.

Sorry you had two failures, if you still want to try, send a manual transfer with 5 Hive or 5 HBD and the invoice just as the text of the transfer.

You'll get back the change and the invoice will be paid.


Ok, I will try. I'm trying to buy vouchers at bitrefill.

And also the limits are a problem, cause most of the vouchers starts with 50 or 100€.

But I like the possibility/idea to pay stuff like vouchers "direct" with Hive.

Thanks for working on that

Edit: It worked

I'm releasing the new version of Lightning to Hive very soon and when that's running I will seriously consider upping the limits.

Behind the scenes I have to make sure I have liquidity in the right places and amounts!

Great to hear!

Feel free to mention @hiq.magazine. So we can test the new front end for our next issue.