Designing New Raspberry Pi Tablet Supports

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I like the tablet kit I got for my Raspberry Pi and official touchscreen display, but the support it came with really gets in the way of connecting audio, video, and power cables. I decided to try designing my own independent feet to keep it all upright without impeding access. This is my prototype, and I plan to build it on the library's 3D printer next week.

Isometric view, gouraud shading, hideous yellow layer color

I am confident in my dimensions, but I have no idea how to adjust for the printer's tolerances, and I may need to extend the support for balance. Bridging will also likely be a problem on the horizontal through holes. If it works perfectly on the first go, I'll be surprised.

Note the X-Y-Z coordinate origin marker toward the bottom of the image. Everything is drawn in positive space for each coordinate. The X and Y axes are the surface of the printer build plate, and the Z axis is height as material is added. If memory serves, exporting this configuration as an STL file should result in the fewest layout adjustments for the printer itself, and represents the preferred way to draw for most manufacturing processes. Of course, things can always be rotated, scaled, and adjusted later, but why not try to do it right from the start?

The open hexagon is copied from the old stand, because I plan to re-use the hardware. It captures a nut and keeps it from rotating so a bolt can secure everything in place. I did leave some extra room here, since this is a less-critical dimension, but again, I don't know how well the printer will really fit these parameters.

Keep an eye out for an update. Hopefully I'll have pictures with actual plastic next week! See the print here!


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