Yearn Finance Platinum-The best financing platform ever.

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The world economic idea has changed after the invention of Bitcoin in 2008. Till now its essence is on the up trend. Cryptocurrency-being blockchain based platform, it is fully decentralized. It has changed the world financial tendency of old idea of financial technology by the latest global technology of cryptocurrency. It has no central authority or commanded by any Central Bank of certain country. There is no need of any intermediaries in transaction. Within short time and less fees, only P2P system is followed here. It is becoming more and more popular to the investors specially cryptocurrency area for the gradual increase of popularity of cryptocurrency. Now a days, investment in cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular source of income to the smart investors. Today i will discuss about a fantastic project which is Yearn Finance Platinum.

About Yearn Finance Platinum :

DeFi has brought a revolution in the Cryptocurrency sector recently. YFPL is a DeFi and it is new rising Sun in DeFi sector which has huge potentiality in the future to bring a lot of changes in financial sectors specially in cryptocurrency. YFPL is basically an open source protocol which is decentralized. As it is Decentralized open source protocol, it has many features like- Staking, Voting, Farming, Lending or borrowing facilities from it in their platform. You will get aslo many features of investment decisions from their dashboard. As open source, it is public and transparent which keeps financial records. It will eliminate all kinds of tampering of operators and revisions. This project is unique characteristic which is different that other projects. It has transparent, hardworking and well experienced team who are diligent in their project's success. They are very active in telegram and social medias for the community support of the investors who are very keen about this porject's ins and outs. Investors are very much keen about this project for its supporting Open Source Portocol and a lot of facilities. The developers are very experienced and professional who are continuously delivering their best efforts for quality results. This has helped to reach their targeted audience who are seeking such platform for investment.

Marketing and Promotion

  • Social network developments
  • BitcoinTalk and Discords thread creation
  • 5 AMA sessions
  • Youtube promotion


  • Public presale at Bounce.Finance Platform
  • Uniswap and Moonswap Liquidity Pools
  • Hotbit Exchange, Probit Exchange
  • Binance DEX


  • APY 333 %

Token Sale Information

YFPL is ERC20 supported which is built on Ethereum network. As the token supply is limited to only 3333 YFPL, it is very short time to reach hard cap. Wise investors will get their tokens as soon as sale start, they won't try to late. They will follow first come, first sever basis in token purchase from investors.

  • Name: Yearn Finance Platinum
  • Smart Contract Address: 0xab29c33e454882778ebf14d99602d175aa7ed872
  • Symbol: YFPL
  • Token Blockchain: ERC - 20
  • Total Supply: 3333 YFPL
  • Maximum Supply: 3333 YFPL
  • Private sale (buyers get 10 % bonus tokens) -
  • November 18 - 22 allocation 50 YFPL tokens
  • Publiс presale - November 22-24 Allocation 100 YFPL tokens
  • Hotbit and Probit Exchange listings November 27-30, 2020
  • Staking at Ferrum.Netwok - December 20, 2020
  • Uniswap pool: coming soon
  • Moonswap pool: coming soon
  • Token Price: 1 YFPL token = 1 ETH
  • Minimum Purchase: 0.1 YFPL Token
  • Team has no allocation of Tokens

Road Map:

  • September 2020: Initial Founders Board meeting on Dubai UAE. Roadmap Development completed.
  • October 2020: Marketing Plan Development Completed.
  • November 2020: Smart Contract Deployment completed
  • Exchange Listing: Uniswap, Moonswap listing plan.
  • Hotbit Exchange, Probit Exchange, November 27-30
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Binance Dex listing
  • Staking Platform Development
  • December 2020: Ferrum Network staking platform, Platform launch, Governance launch, Unsold tokens lock.