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RE: How to Avoid Funding the American Deep State

in #deepstate4 years ago

Great read! Intense but important.

The only point I would add is that there are many UIs for steem now, the best of which I would say is SteemPeak which looks less like it is in beta and has some cool features like portfolio view, stats, multiple drafts and templates.

Thanks for taking the time to put all of this together. I have bookmarked it so that I can send it out to those who need it ;)


Thanks. SteemPeak isn't open source though, right (do you happen to know of an open-source one)?

I had to ask them the question as I didn't know for sure the answer. This is their current status:

"Steempeak isn't open source. This might change at some point. Or maybe parts will become open source."

So I guess for now the best open source alternative is probably Busy.

Good to know, thanks for asking.