What role are you playing in the plandemic games?

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They have been desperate to get these genetic engineering drugs out into the general public and now they have their open door as many wealthy professional sports people will beg for their health to be renewed by any means.

I completely agree that the gene therapy delivery system could be made available to try and do good things but the "vaccines" are made specifically to harm people not heal people by forcing cell tissues to make misfolded/modified proteins.

They publicly stated years ago that they are aware of correcting negative effects of defective gene injections or gene therapies gone wrong with more gene therapy but first they need people to "believe and trust" in gene therapy delivery drugs. That's when they decided to flip the script and call it "vaccine" instead of gene therapy.

Why do you think Dr Robert Malone is so aware of the negative effects and speaking so vocal? He knows exactly what's going to happen to millions of the people that got injected with defective modified genes that force the body to make or express misfolded proteins. Look it up, "prion disease"...


Every single batch of "vaccine" is made available for the people for a reason. It's all part of the eugenics plan, future warfare operation and select medical treatment class systems.

Some people are hoping that they get the gene that is not targeted for destruction in the future and they hope their bodies accept it. Subconsciously they have been led to believe that this is a type of "natural selection" process and they are willing to take the risk and If they die they die as they plan on dying one way our another.

And some comply out of fear etc.

It's all a massive experiment, operation whatever you want to call it to first watch and observe how the human body reacts to mass usage of gene therapy drugs.

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There are things they know for a fact, like this type of gene injection can really cause mass suffering but they paid the influencers to support it and convinced the people to beg for it out of fear while others are simply "amazed" by it.

Their plans have been very successful as they are getting away with using it and making huge profits to continue creating the "next generation" or 4th industrial revolution gene editing technology that they really want the medical system to move towards "Graphene Oxide Based"

This is why many people are silenced on mainstream social media and local/national media that dare speak about the risks of or even the legitimate reasons for refusing these gene injection drugs as the medical establishment really need the public to accept graphene oxide polymer nanoparticles as it's their only possible solution for gene injection drug delivery products.

This type of speech is actually being silenced for profit because genetic engineering is being done in the name of future medicine or some just say "science" so no one is supposed to talk negatively about it as they say it's all about saving lives even though millions will die from the technology.

Their cult 4th industrial revolution vision is being forced on the world. They consider all humans as members of their cult because humans "use" their drugs and humans are never supposed to question the medical establishment.

These psychopaths in control do not care about the human race at all so why do so many listen and do everything they say?


The human race has been brainwashed to hate humans and lose basic connection so seeing other humans suffer and die actually gives these people extreme pleasure and enjoyment.

Many humans literally worship those that commit atrocities and get away with it..

These people sleep comfortably in their knowledge of their evil actions.

For example vaccine injectors will be turned on when a parent asks them to do harm to their child "asks to vaccinate them" and then the parent will thank them afterwards. The psychopaths enjoy this like you would not believe while they are making more money than they ever have. There are many people like this that will never want the pandemic operation to stop they love it more than a fat kid loves cake!

Another reason why the majority of people are craving and demanding to get injected with the "new and amazing" gene drug is because it actually does provide huge relief and activates adrenoreceptors, this feeling wears off so then they beg for a booster.

Millions are becoming druggies and have no problem pushing others into taking it to boost their ego. Many of these people will laugh and purposely make fun of those that get injured by the drug.

These people end up begging for boosters out of a sick and twisted pleasure and adrenaline rush factor. The cult leaders, drug pushers and world governments etc love every second of this sadistic reality as they make more money than they could have imagined and take full advantage of these emergency powers to get away with all the criminal activities.