We are all biological computers that can be hacked

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Understanding Lipid and other transfection nanoparticles and how they are used in genetic engineering.

The point of these transmissible, trans moveable, transfection nanoparticles is not to "lodge or trap themselves inside cells" it is to have your human cells make new receptors that function in a way to receive and transmit information to the internet of things👍 this is part of the 4th industrial revolution technologies.

Here is the knowledge you may not fully grasp yet because you have been lied to for pretty much your entire life.


Humans are biological electrical beings. WE ALL transmit and receive signals already.

Think of your body as a highly advanced biological computer.

We are created beings by God. We receive information the same way a radio receives information. There is a thing called the divine source rather you believe it or not and it's all around us it's in the eather.

The lipid or adeno vector nanoparticles inside the so called covid-19 vaccines are gene altering products that are programmed to "bio hack" humans, by brute force aka genetic engineering to gain control of your gene functions or protein creation etc..

So our cells make communication receptors and movable spike protein carriers "exosomes" also known as "extracellular vesicles" that function like receivers or tiny communication devices that can move between communication channels in the body to transfer packets of information. Think of it like file transfer protocols or that use hand shakes or lock and key receptors or phone receivers..

Once these nanoparticles that are polymorphic and are programmed by your dna reach their destination they can tell the cells to make certain proteins by transferring the packet information into the cells you might know this as mRNA aka messenger ribonucleic acid..

Now they are replacing the VMAT-2 (God Gene) with a devil gene that can create proteins inside your body that connect to the internet of things or what you know as world wide web, online ethernet, cloud or internet etc...

Also the injected nanoparticles can receive information from the internet of things and enter payloads of engineered enzymes that they have been infused with to genetically modify/engineer areas of the body on demand.

Get it??

Think of it like a custom or new firmware install, the pharmaceutical company Moderna uses the term operating system.

This has been known about all the way back to ancient times it's just been kept hidden although it's not really hidden as the information is all around you ✌🥰