There are no virus organisms, it's poison and mind manipulation!

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Let's say you observe a video of 5 prisoners being poisoned slowly and these 5 prisoners have different levels of health 1-5, 1 being the healthiest and 5 being the unhealthiest.

They are fed the same amount of food with the same amount of ingredients with the same amount of poison.

Do you think all prisoners will be affected at the same time and in the same way? Or do you think between them some will be affected at a slower/faster rate with less/more symptoms?

In this regard will the guardsmen even be able to tell if they have been poisoned? So let's now acknowledge that one of the prisoners die, one is very ill and the rest are perfectly fine with no symptoms so poison is ruled out and a deadly wild virus organism is to blame 100%!

This type of acceptance and artificial "belief system" in infectious disease is basically what's happening now with regard to covid-19 and all other deadly virus organisms in human history. Now instead of only being 5 prisoners it's the entire world population!

When we absorb poison our bodies need to detox that poison and while doing so gives us symptoms of dis-ease. These diseases are NAMED by people who have cleverly identified the breakdown of cell tissue and were able to classify a process that may have or may not have been seen before.

These people are known as scientists but many of them go unnoticed as they work for universities and drug companies that take their individual research and use it to make drugs that "claim" to protect from diseases.

The human body is breaking down poison naturally and pushing it out of the body naturally without any drugs.

There are substances that the body uses to push out the toxins/poisons and many times the body naturally makes polymorphic exosomes that are packaged with RNA and DNA enzymes that express proteins to mediate this process!

It's this process of creating and releasing proteins to regulate and control cell destruction and regeneration that leads to inflammation and dis-ease.



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Now drug companies have taken advantage of this incredible research to get rich instead of informing people how amazing their natural body actually is.

They sell people drugs to stop the regeneration process to block the pain signals. When you feel pain it's your body's way of signaling to you that you need to change your behavior and or that you are putting yourself through some sort of stress. Sometimes this can lead to us gaining strength and wisdom.

But let's go back to the poisons because what's really happening is your body is absorbing poisons/toxins/antigens and the healing process or detox of these poisons is sometimes called cold, flu, measles, chicken pox, cold sores etc.

They named these due to the detoxification pathways and channels the body naturally uses to rid itself of the poisons/antigens.

They create vaccines to "block" these detoxification pathways or to eliminate the signalling so that the body does not show or produce the natural remedy and forces the body to use other means which can lead to autoimmune disorders or chronic inflammatory diseases.

So after injecting yourself with a vaccine you either poisoned yourself with a more harmful antigen or poison so you didn't get the normal naturally occurring detox symptoms which the drug makers say that means it's working even though you now have to detoxify the poison from the vaccines which becomes almost impossible for some.


Now because they convinced the whole world society that "vaccines work" the drug companies are able to "give" more poisons (vaccines) which is not free as it is taken out of the taxpayers money whether you work or not.

We are paying for the poison to be injected into us all! Even if you are homeless, buying a coffee requires you to pay tax, this is for every item you buy in shops or online even if you don't get a receipt so everyone pays some kind of tax, EVERYONE! All of our children that go to the shop and even a newborn baby when the parents sign him/her over to the government, it doesn't matter what colour you are or what religion you follow, we are all being poisoned, harmed and discriminated against! We are supposed to stand up against this behavior not cower to it!

All of this poison rather, it's chemicals or psychological effects directed on the human mind, makes it easier for the masses to believe lies that make them blind to what's real and true and they instead enjoy the poison and willingly participate and consume it at will without knowing the consequences of their actions!

Many people only know what they have been shown on tv by way of script reading and actors working for mass propaganda and deception outlets to push agendas and narrative approved by a select few industries like the drug industry or telecommunications industry.

People are forced into seeing pop up pictures and constant repetition of a false reality to deceive and manipulate them. Millions watch and get programmed in one perspective by a centrally controlled media machine to push the same false reality to make people believe it is a true reality when it's actually a false pseudo reality!

We all partake in an open reality world where the collective minds create the world around them and only by accepting this reality does it become our reality.

Virus is nothing more than an internal detoxification process of poison but we have been told it is an organism that kills humans. This nano organism is nothing more than a mental construct of human imagination to account for human suffering and death by looking at cell waste particles.

In truth, everything we absorb is poison. We have reactive oxygen species or as some call it "polymorphic exosomes" to dissolve, breakdown and get rid of the poison.

Even, our water has been poisoned with additives, go check your water company website for additives in the water to "make it safe" they say. Everything has been poisoned with "additives" tobacco which naturally would help heal people has been purposely mixed with toxicants to cause poisonous effects.

The food is poisoned, just look at the ingredients and look up each of the ingredients that you have probably never heard of and you will discover that the body reacts negatively to it.



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Our minds are poisoned, just switch on the news. All stories shared are paid for and scripted by the sponsors and advertisers rather than sharing the truth; everything is fake and scripted. Do some research into body language and you will quickly learn to tell when people are lying straight to your face!

Even, the air is poisoned, just spend 30 minutes watching the sky and you will see different types of aircraft. Some will be holiday makers and parcel carriers where the emissions are not visible. Eventually you will see there are planes that purposely release visible chemicals to pollute the skies above your head this is called a chemical trail (chemtrail) some are chemically made to dissipate and faster than others and are placed strategically over populations.




It does not matter what colour you are or what religion you follow, the poison we are subjected to discriminates towards us all and it is us all that have to face it everywhere we turn because of a handful of people in control of the manipulation of the human collective.

If we all learn to say no individually and stand together in our individual truth which we know to be good and right then the mass hysteria and fear campaigns will have no effect on us anymore!

That is when their manipulated power over us simply fades away, and converts back to the individual and we rely on the soul connection between individuals which is the most powerful thing there is. When we take and acknowledge our power, it is returned immediately to the rightful owners instead of a few tricksters pulling the strings of the many.

These puppet masters are cult leaders and you can see it all around you. The "famous" all seeing eye is part of the illuminati cult which you see the most wealthy and famous people take part in.

And then each organization has elements of this cult and it spreads into families and communities in many ways.

Some truly believe it's the glue that holds civilization together as they control and manipulate everything and everyone in plain sight.

We all know of these secret little clubs where individuals have created their own variant of the ritualistic cult clubs. They do this to bring people together in like mindedness and are oblivious that it adds to the manipulation factor of the highest orders of the cultural community..

Manipulation of the masses runs very deep and most are completely ignorant of how it works and functions.

To simplify all this trickery is to flash the illuminati signs because they think they are illuminated to possess power over others so they mock us all with their signs as if to say we know but you don't. You are not their puppet, you can cut your strings by realizing you have no strings.

Today the truth is being seen for what it is and the mind poison is being eliminated by the non acceptance of fear and propaganda world wide! We stand in our own sovereignty not to be controlled by anyone or anything!

Originally written by "Anthony Walsh"
Highly edited by "Shan Henry"


It's so good that people are getting this and writing their own words down. Good work.

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Thank you! There are many people that know and think the same as us but they don't realise how powerful their voice is to initiate change so they stay silent. Some are scared to speak against the false narrative because it leads to complete censorship on social media. It's sad how fake people have become and frightened they are of make believe authority.

Self censorship is far worse now than ever before although it's the same as it always was we are just more aware of it nowadays as people are willing to act a fool to fit in. "wearing masks" "call fevers bad" "inject gene drugs in themselves" "crave drugs" and so on...

I look forward to reading your next post!

yes I was hoping if people see I can do it then anyone can do it. Now that the first wave of us germ theory truthers are being censored bring on the 2nd wave and hopefully it'll be a tsunami!

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Awesome. You know we can actually see viruses with science don't you? They are not just a detoxification process of poison

I read on though and then I got to the Chem-trails bit and everything you do made sense and I wept with laughter.

I'd be really laughing too if there weren't ignorant people believing this non-sense. Same method as often: click-bait title, long text knowing most people won't go past the few first lines, some pseudo-science terms here and there for the ones reading but not very informed on the subject, and the really ridiculous out-there claims for the end. It works on some people unfortunately

It does work and then those people go on to rehash the nonsense and get further people believing in the tripe. Gaar, it is so annoying at times.

Still... chem trails :OD

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When you feel pain it's your body's way of signaling to you that you need to change your behavior and or that you are putting yourself through some sort of stress.

Ever since I was a kid, that's how I've always seen things. I was offered pills for my headache, but I'd turn them down every time unless it was unbearable - which it almost never was.

"If something is wrong with me, then I have to put up with the pain until it goes away. I have to make sure my body doesn't think something is wrong anymore. Whatever is bad, I have to fix it. Meds? Only if I can't fix it no matter what I do."

the healing process or detox of these poisons is sometimes called cold, flu

Uh, what? No? No.

taxpayers money

That's not how taxpaying works, though. Taxes are a way to control people's purchasing power. Nothing else. You can think of it as bank fees.

They create vaccines to "block" these detoxification

Are you anti-vax?...

PS: "Fear campaigns?" You could say this post is the same, though.

Why do you hate 5G? I want 5G chips in me all day babe!

I'm assuming you are being sarcastic as I didn't mention 5g in this post?

In general 5g exacerbates all these problems mentioned above. It can and is being used to manipulate people's vibrations. Getting to high with the highs and to low with the lows. It's also releasing high levels of corona Discharge and causing a "microwave" effect all over the world in "pocket areas" which is the leading cause of blood clots and unexplained thrombosis/ischemia..

The vaccines are pushed out to take the blame and so is the make believe covid-19 virus organism.

These drug companies are also obsessed with destroying your natural ability to heal so that you demand more gene editing drugs to make you a better human.

Yes. It was for fun. 5G insert into me is awesome! Free internet everywhere!