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How much longer is the human race going to accept this virus organism scam?

What many people call virus organisms is the equivalent of multiple things that exist, however the whole form virus organism does not exist as a thing separate from everything else.

The only place this virus organism exists is inside of a computer database and is designed by selective alignment software which is done by a computer manually or automatically.

For Example

  • Exosomes
  • Phages
  • Genes RNA/DNA
  • Peptides
  • Enzymes
  • Dying Cell Debris
  • Viral Proteins

All these things are separate things that have been misrepresented as a single "highly infectious contagious deadly parasitic organism" which has never been isolated or proven to exist as such.


Germ Theory is only a conspiracy theory that a group of indoctrinated and paid off virologists have agreed on.

Those that know, it is all bullshit cleverly convince others to accept the lies as "truth" by way of indoctrination or incentives.


The "true believers" of these lies completely trust the virus organism alarmist scam and trust that all the drugs being used to "protect" them from the artificial virus organisms are safe and effective because the criminal drug dealers said they are.


These "true believers" in virus organisms have been completely scammed and poisoned to make them sicker so they keep asking for more poisons by those that lied and sold them the poison in the first place.


Governments all around the world have become nothing more than harmful drug dealers and false flag terrorists!

It really is an evil sadistic cycle of abuse and needs to stop.

They say the vaccine is not made to stop you from getting or spreading covid-19, they just say if you're unvaccinated, then you are putting the vaccinated people at risk.


If I get vaccinated, then I will be the one at risk from the unvaccinated, so what is the logic behind getting vaccinated?

If there needs to be a gene injection administered every couple of months for each new strain of the virus then how could we ever become fully vaccinated? Wouldn't it just be better to trust the innate adaptive immune systems and have real time immunity instead of trying to play catch up with inadequate, ineffective and very risky gene injection drugs?

Imagine if your friend said that a roaring fire was burning down your house but only in a virtual reality world does this roaring fire exist. Would you call the fire department or would you ignore it completely as a "False Event"?

img_0.566644432875739.jpg source

This is exactly how they claim virus organisms exist, they call them in silico full genome virus organisms which means "in a computer only" aka CGI (Computer Generated Image).

Every time they run these computer programs they can artificially create a new variant. They could even use the same data used to create the virus organism genome to create an in silico apple organism genome there really is no limit as the software can fill in any missing gaps needed to provide exactly what the computer is told to create.


Every single aspect of these pandemic emergency powers and lockdowns are a crime against humanity and all people involved in orchestrating these crimes needs to be recognized as criminals not worshiped as heroes.



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