Have you become a nazi in support of genetic engineering?

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So you want me to inject a defective gene enzyme inside me to stop me from catching a highly contagious deadly virus organism to protect you from me?

If you think like this then you have been hypnotised by the establishment criminal nazi psychopaths.

Please explain to me how this defective gene enzyme which will cause my healthy human cells to make billions of misfolded harmful proteins can block my human body from getting and spreading this highly contagious deadly virus organism (that has never been isolated) on to you that you are afraid of so much.

I completely understand that you may be desperate to just fit in, not ask questions and do as you are told to feel a sense of safety and security. However in reality, your failure to criticise the people that are enslaving you will end up being your demise.

The truth is, the box that you have put yourself in is about to be set on fire, not by the ones that you think are your enemy but by the ones that have convinced you to step in that box for your safety.

Look, you injected yourself with a known biological weapon that is harming you and everyone you come into close contact with this is not a "good" thing.

These mRNA injections are not healthy "vaccines" they are BioWeapons.

The defective genes that the nanoparticles force your cells to make can also shed/transmit out of you and cause a negative reaction/response in others.

This will be an issue much larger than you can even imagine your mind actually blocks this thought completely as it means accepting that you hurt yourself and let yourself down by following sadistic harmful government guidelines.

The only reason they are spreading fear about a contagious deadly "virus organism" is because these people are hoping for complete denial of their actions that will and has already led to mass death.

The drugs that people are choosing or being coerced into taking have a specific function, which is to cause mass death and early death in order to curb the human population in certain parts of the world.

It is very easy to understand, the defective genes inside the drug injections override your healthy genes. The second the nanoparticles are injected inside your body your cells will start going through a "genetic transference".

You will start to produce billions of misfolded harmful proteins and eventually your body will run out of steam trying to combat all these abnormal cell mutations and abnormal protein releases.

Millions will and have already died a painful agonising death which has been planned by the same people that are pushing the drug and making trillions of dollars from developing, selling and injecting it inside people.

If you tell someone that you will pay them a few dollars to inject a poison inside someone they would likely say no, but if you give them a job and claim the poison is safe and effective and for the greater good then you can convince them to inject themselves and thousands of others with a few simple ambiguous words and phrases.

There are facilities and incinerators being built to cope with mass death. Actually they are already built and already being used secretly.

We all should be celebrating life instead of worshipping the depopulation agenda and the defective gene booster injections aka BioWeapons.