Cancer Protects and Colds Eliminate!

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I made a post about cancer last year but facebook deleted my entire profile so I don't have a copy to share. It was about how the body makes cancer cell sacks to store cancer cells to starve them of excess energy, effectively powering down or starving the mitochondria of extra energy absorption.

I also talked about how if you surgically cut or pop a hole in a cancer cell sack aka "tumor biopsy" then what happens is your body will keep moving cancer cells into the cancer cell sack but the cancer cells escape and spread.

The cancer cell sack stops growing but now you poison other parts of the body by allowing the cancer cells to escape the sack. When this happens, new cancer cell sacks will be needed but might not be made because your body has not recognized there is a hole in the original cancer cell sack.


This is why a lot of people die rapidly after a biopsy, unless they get very invasive treatment or chop away whole body parts where the damaged DNA cells are located.

All this poking and cutting is really not needed at all and I would say it is criminal! Your body creates tumor sacks to heal you, not kill you. It can also be a visual signal to you that there is a problem inside your body or you are poisoning yourself.

A Lot of these cancer cells in the sacks will still be used to pull needed minerals and chemicals out of them to help heal other parts of the body when needed.

Cancer was promoted as a death sentence and the body going wrong in order to sell drugs and manipulate people into thinking they are dying when all they need to do is change their diet, environment or behavior.

Many times these cancer cell sacks will be delivered to the skin and flake away over a few days. It depends on your genetics how you eliminate cancer cells.

We all should recognize much of the air, food and drink is toxic to our bodies which causes DNA damage to our cells. Instead we blame the body for trying to keep us alive by isolating these damaged cells in a protective bubble.

The fact is that people think tumor sacks are a problem when really the problem is the actions taken that forced your body to make them! This lack of understanding has been propagated by a psychological warfare operation promoted by many large industries like the medical industry! This is to make money off people's ignorance and to get away with producing and selling all carcinogenic toxic products without accountability!

Now you wanna know what's even more messed up than cutting the cancer sack open? Not being told that the common cold is your way of eliminating these cancer sacks out the body! Read that again and never forget it! The common cold is the body's way of eliminating cancer sacks!

If you read my recent post about polymorphic exosomes and there are no virus organisms you will understand more about what i'm about to say.

The So-called virus infection is actually the most healing thing your body can do to rid it of toxins and damaged cell tissue aka cancer!

So why are we trying to prevent our bodies from having symptoms of the common cold? Why are we scared of this natural body function so much that we crave to be injected with vaccines aka gene delivery drugs that damage our cells which causes more cancer?


The most healthy thing we can do is produce natural exosomes that are filled with enzyme codes that express proteins which allow our bodies to force toxins out of the body! Coughing, sneezes, rashes, high temperatures are all things that heal you and protect you from dying a toxic death!

Please remember this as the medical mafia wants you to never understand this so that you keep forcing poisonous drugs inside your body for their gain.


I would also like to inform everyone that the reason we cough and sneeze when we are around people who cough and sneeze is the same reason we yawn around people who have yawned.

Your body receives signals this can be visual, mental or physical but once received your body goes through a natural health check. If it finds an abundance of toxins or cancer sacks you will go through a detoxification process which is a healthy healing process!

20210713_213744.jpgsource of image

What happens naturally is your body will produce "motility exosomes" aka healthy viral "proteins" using your unique DNA for your unique body! These viral motility proteins that are expressed on the outside of the exosome and on the outside of differentiated cells are used to collect and move toxins out the body.

Side note: The covid-19 vaccines aka gene delivery drugs actually produce a poisonous viral protein exosome that destroys and prevents healthy exosomes from being made and causes healthy cells to mutate into abnormal damaged DNA cells aka cancer cells!


So back on topic we cough, sneeze , sweat, have fever etc.. to rid the body of toxins or cancer cells and the entire tumor sacks! We do not need man made engineered nanoparticles injected into us to override our healthy DNA creation of healthy exosomes! Our bodies make exosomes which are lipid nanoparticles designed by each of our specific DNA to heal us. Why would we want trillions of synthetically engineered genetically modified nanoparticles to override our natural DNA?


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You have some interesting theories here that differ a little bit from my own. I'm not saying you're wrong or I'm right but one thing I do know is cancer doesn't metastisize. Toxins from the tumor cn be released but it doesn't cause new cancers to pop up elsewhere. have you looked into GNM at all? I kept it on the back burner for years because I just couldn't believe it but I kept going back till eventually I knew it was right. I made an article from an old talk I did years ago which I hope explains my conclusions.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my post and replying! I have read your article already and like you I am not saying I'm right and you are wrong as I completely agree with almost everything you have written.

I have looked into gnm and I also agree with it however the process of cell damage still occurs within the body right? There is still a molecular function or physical thing that happens.

I disagree that the tumor sacks are just full of poison and toxins my understanding is they are also full of damaged/mutated/abnormal DNA cells "cancer cells" that the mitochondria is in overdrive and which healthy exosomes have moved these cells into storage to calm them down via "chemotaxis" and then later on use them or destroy them over time. These "cancer cells" are full of energy and only when the energy is low can the healthy exosomes cause apoptosis or if the determined or backup exosomes get released by reg t cells then they will cause apoptosis "programmed cell death" on them even with a overactive mitochondria.
The signal of someone being told they have cancer and a few years to live can cause that body to go searching around by differentiating cells to release lots of determined and healthy exosomes to find DNA damaged cells and store them in cancer sacks and or start the detoxification process which makes people feel extremely unwell but this is actually a healthy process like your post describes. People usually end up taking harmful meds which really only poisons the body more by preventing the natural cure. 😭

In regard to all this, sounds and thoughts cause this process in general to us every day. High/low rf-emf frequencies, Corona Discharge, noise pollution, birds & insect noise, people shouting or whispering, breathing, humming, coughing, sneezing, moaning, smiling, laughing all of this can alter our body chemistry!

It's part of our psychoimmunology which I think german new medicine is based on? We can create oxidative stress from these things; some people will hurt and show more symptoms than others.

I had a lot more written above but decided not to post it all.

Check out these 2 link for more info of what I was explaining above.

You are using a lot of bio-chemistry terminology which IMO is a minefield of dissinfo and science-waffle. I prefer to ignore them (as they are wrong but cover it up with lots of sciencey words). Maybe you would say I over-simplify too much and maybe you're right but in my world Occams Razor works. If the explanation is too complicated that's because it's wrong. ANY cell can become 'cancerous' and the switch to turn it off and on is in the brain. This is why Henrietta Lacks' cancer cells are still alive today, there is no brain to tell them to turn off.

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It's this kind of sheer and utter ignorance that is an actual danger to gullible people who believe that they can navigate the trials of cancer by following anything written above.

What do you get out of this horseshit or are you just maliciously vindictive?


The thing about science is that science is never settled. Science is always open to refinement or even straight up about turns as more information is gained,

But its easy to blithely quote that "settled science" nonsense.

Thats the problem when you get all your info from Instagram :OD

This is crazy! I think I already said that, but I struggle more and more to figure out if some of these things I read, like this post, are satire or not. I cannot imagine how someone would actually believe any of this. Unfortunately, more often than not, it is not satire, and some ignorant people do believe it, making it so dangerous...

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