A self-fulfilling prophecy of virus organisms.

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It seems all of our world leaders are in lockstep with the agenda 21/30 sustainability plan.

When they speak it is to simply cast a spell on the people so they accept and don't question the active depopulation agenda.

SARS Cov 2 organisms have been created in mind only to spread fear and hysteria over a non-existent unquantifiable thing. For the most part wild natural virus organisms are not real things however exosomes are and are what many people are calling virus organisms. Exosomes contain genetic material such as RNA/DNA and are the exact same size as what people are claiming as virus organisms.


Just think for a second that the so-called sars cov 2 virus supposedly has a 99.97% survival rate; which means it's not harming us, it is actually healing us! Having this virus would actually increase your chances of survival in this world. You have a higher chance of getting in a car crash or falling down stairs and killing yourself.

The thing is we are full of free radicals and oxidative stress, our endocrine system and lymphatic system activates dormant genes that create so-called viruses to clean up our very toxic and rotting bodies, so-called viruses don't cause the rot!

The so-called virus is our saving grace and without them we would rot and become diseased and die very quickly which is the opposite of what your state governments and mainstream media want you to believe.

For some reason they want you to think of viruses being things that kill you and rot your flesh when it's the complete opposite as they actually are created inside you to clean up your cell waste and activate cell regeneration.


Just because they show up when the cells are rotting does not mean they are the cause of the rotting.

When firemen show up to put the fire out would you say they were the cause of the fire starting?

I assumed this knowledge was basic molecular and micro biology which simply explained the functions of the innate adaptable immune response.

Where and when did this pseudoscience about wild natural virus organisms jumping from animals and humans to infect and spread and eat or destroy the flesh of people come from?

It seems to me we have world leaders that are truly ignorant of reality or have been completely brainwashed and mind controlled by those that wish to orchestrate mass hypnosis and death of the world population.

Our leaders are pushing very sadistic beliefs and agendas "for the greater good" which is exactly how the Nazi's ruled and orchestrated their genocide on those that simply didnt obey or who were classed as 2nd class dirty citizens.


Our leaders are creating agoraphobia and mass hysteria over our natural immune system functions and it's pure insanity!!

No one should be scared of coughs and sneezes and if you are, you have become a paranoid germaphobic and you literally need help.

This in itself is a disease "mental disorder'' when you walk around thinking that everyone around you is diseased and can kill you with just one breath, cough or sneeze.


If we have high levels of reactive oxygen species or oxidative stress our bodies will produce "Corona Protein" and will activate and start a clean up or healing process.

Remember "healing hurts" when you break a bone or cut yourself you dont feel much pain until the body starts to heal itself.

This is the same thing with healing from toxic overload and going through an active natural detoxification process.

It seems the science books keep getting modified over time and some would say that they get updated to keep up with the times. We should also consider that they change to make sure students are indoctrinated into a specific mindset which could ultimately be false!

For instance the size of so-called virus organisms are the same size as exosomes and operate the same way. They communicate and send signals all through the body but this information is left out of science books regularly.

Exosomes can easily be isolated and purified as whole things but live active virus organisms that mutate and transfer between animals and humans and are blamed on thousands of diseases, cannot be isolated or purified in whole form and is an unproven theory.

The more you look into viruses you find out that the word virus means many things and there is a lot of agreement in the literature that all so called virus peptides can be mediated by exosomes, exosomes carry the so-called virus gene inside them which then the exosome resembles the virus organisms that virologist are looking at.

The problem for virologists with this truth is that exosomes are not filled with long stranded virus genomes but small peptides or enzymes that can't be sequenced as a whole virus organism. This is why they use artificial sequencers to create long genomes that only exist inside a computer.

Another thing is that many textbooks would have said that all viruses were dormant genes in my day and were simply part of the unique human make up or genome and not some separate thing. This has been completely scrubbed from new science text books apparently, I wonder why?

When I was younger I was taught that a live virus simply meant when a dormant gene was activated to deal with common antigens to create antibodies or express other proteins.

The activation of these genes would happen all through the body and code for the creation of new viral proteins to do a specific function.

These proteins are always mediated by exosomes and help with healing the body.

I assumed this was the norm as it always made perfect sense to me. I also was taught that parasites kept the host alive for as long as possible and did not kill the host and did things in the body that helped keep the person in homeostasis.

I was also taught that fevers were needed to help the body heal from infections, not something that was causing suffering and death.

Only years later did I realize people were being taught that virus organisms jump from animals to humans and act as parasites to kill their host then jump out of their host to infect more hosts on purpose to grow inside and burst out to kill as many hosts as possible. This was based off of "demon possession" theory of disease 🧐

This was never taught to me so I had to learn this later in life and I laughed my ass off in doing so.

Then I realized that people injected themselves with "vaccines" that were supposed to stop these extremely dangerous contagious deadly virus organisms killing them.

That's when I knew people had completely lost their minds with regard to health and biology.

I was always aware of proper hygiene and to not expose yourself to harmful chemicals otherwise you would poison yourself. 👍

Then I realized after a bit of study and research that the whole point of the virus organism "lie" was to convince people to look away and not pay attention to all the toxins being sprayed on them and their food like DDT and other pesticides and herbicides.🤮

People were being lead to believe that if they get sick it was due to these invisible highly contagious and deadly virus organisms jumping from human to human and other animals chasing everyone down to infect spread and destroy their insides "flesh eating virus organisms"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I started seeing it in films, tv games and books and taught specifically to children that virus organisms were hunting them down to kill them and the only protection was a thing called a "vaccine" parents were taking their kids to get injection after injection out of fear of the highly contagious deadly virus organisms.😬


I spoke out years ago but only to my close friends and they just said yea it makes for great entertainment doesn't it?🤣

This virus organism theory that we watch in tv films and is being pushed on all of us today has never been proven.

People are literally being fooled into believing in fairy tales as the viral genome expression comes from our human DNA to solve a problem in the body as a response to the environmental elements around it.

Sadly after all these years of people being scared of these make believe virus organisms these same people are now injecting the closest thing to what they believe virus organisms are.

I am talking about the genetically engineered self assembling ionized cationic graphene oxide hydrogel nanoparticles with genetic code packed inside that was designed by humans in a eugenics lab and is made to stay active in harsh environments like inside the body in order for it to be "transfected" inside human cells which will hijack the cells machinery and force the ribosomes to make billions of abnormal misfolded proteins similar to prions with cell receptors that act like magnets, to any and all cells.

This literally is a genetically engineered synthetic organism that people are begging to be injected with while they are afraid of a make believe version that has never been quantified or proven to exist in reality. 😑



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