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RE: WAKE UP!!! We Are Being COERCED To Conform And MASS FORMATION PSYCHOSIS Is How They Do It!!!

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Thanks for posting in #deepdives

We would appreciate if you could tell people to signup for Hive and post in the #deepdives tag

We need to get as many truthers onto this platform as possible for the censorship resistance. If you would promote Hive every so often that would really help(and whales wouldn't downvote you). The reason they are downvoting you is because they see you as "just coming here to cross post for easy money and be done with it".

The rewards pool on Steem and on Hive is a shared between all users. The whales on this platform in general will only downvote someone who doesn't promote Hive and only makes short posts that don't direct anyone to Hive. They downvote people who they think are not bringing value to the platform, but rather extracting value from the platform.

With a small change of promoting Hive to your follows I don't think they would downvote you here. Does that make sense what I am saying? Most people don't know the reward pool is shared between all of us.