The real reason for the war in Armenia and Azerbaijan. Welcome to the water wars.

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Water is life and absolutely essential to civilization. In a first world nation you actually do not think about water because it is instantly at your fingertips. You turn on a faucet the water comes and the water is taken away by the plumbing.

Most of us do not think about water because it is so plentiful and available that we can flush our toilet and let a of gallon of perfectly fine drinking water carry our bodily waste to a water treatment plant.


now this is actually a very interesting take because this would be the first time in this century that war has been committed just solely for such a basic resource as water.

I learned something today that all of this area would be able to grow crops and the entire area could flourish if one reservoir would allow water to continue to pass instead of hoarding it for Armenia.

Which I'm sure Armenia is really needing the water and this will start to set forth a chain of events that might last through history.


The more I start listening to media that is not controlled by the United States corporate political system the more I start getting to experience different sides of these conflicts.

Wow I know about the Armenian genocide and I am for any oppressed peoples right to live we also have the balancing of everyone's rights as well.

However Armenian soldiers are extremely tough and are proving that in this war against Azerbaijan army forces as well as their supporting Turkish elements.

The more we look into all these situations the more we can understand what is going on and now that the reservoir has fallen out of Armenian hands and the river system is being restored we will see what all happens however there is no cry over there when this water system will shut off about the ecological effects that it had on the entire river system and the massive amount of life and species that were lost in this watershed.

Instead the only major focus is the canals that were built in the 1970s to harvest and distribute the river system into agricultural usage. Which again would lead to massive ecological impacts and issues habitat loss and endangered species Extinction?

While I do not see a unified world government body imposing its will on environmental and ecological issues as well as applying pressure to countries...

I do see the need for reform and a different approach to all of this.

And fortunately I do see that blockchain technology could be an amazing thing. Allowing populations to world to connect vote transparently and ethically as well as to exchange ideas information technology as well as of course the financial world that we have here.

Instead of spending our time and resources fighting amongst ourselves for such a simple thing as water.

Personally I see blockchain technology as a way that we can enable ourselves and the world to rise above conflicts such as this.

I'll be honest either side is right and both sides can definitely be wrong in this conflict.

Personally I see major escalations in the violence of this conflict which if left unchecked will continue to grow into a bonfire of enormous proportions.

This entire conflict being a world away, literally on the other side of the planet that I happen to be at, it's one that threatens to drag in more people. And more countries and superpowers at that.

Just the sheer amount of firepower that these sides are exchanging isabsolutely phenomenal we are watching the current evolution of warfare before our eyes with drone and as well other combined assets.

What really surprises me is the drone loiter munitions. Literally this is a suicide drone with an explosive charge attached.

Fire and forget is out the door now we have fire and your munition package can wait around for a half an hour visually report back to you with video feed so you can assess the best targeting prospects for your munition to attack.

The azerbaijani advance has been slow methodical and costly while the Armenians have been taking losses however inflicting a high amount of casualties and damage even though they are suffering from a lack of air dominance as well as outclassed with a ton of ordinance.

It does seem that the amount of damages as well as land acquisition is going to be a tough pill for Armenia to swallow because there are very limited amounts of options for them to recover that land.

And let alone what is going to be the full environmental impacts after this war due to the amount of munitions and environmental damage caused.

The land really is the true victim in this and then on top of that we've also got the people. And not to mention we've also got all of the animals as well as environmental damages to consider.

modern explosives actually unleashed quite a bit of chemical residue and toxic byproducts. Wrecked vehicles leak oil hydraulic fluid transmission fluid and other toxic fluids which mixed together and further contaminated the water table.

The mass amount of valuable resources that could go to helping each other have just been burned blown up destroyed or just plain wrecked.

And of course the true victims of this and all other wars is the children who have to shoulder burden and damages from the trauma that they are going to receive during this war and seeing all bloodshed and heartache firsthand at such a young age.

My prayers go out to the children in this conflict for they do not know any better and are not even responsible for this conflict however they are one's most impacted.

I'm sure that had cooperation been occurring between these two countries the amount that they spent on this war would have paid for both countries to have unlimited clean drinking water...

It is so sad that in a world of so plentiful amounts of resources we are fighting over some of the basic ingredients of life.