A Handy Dandy lil' Tool/ Sunburst and I AM THE WHITE RABBIT

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My superpower is being underestimated. It is actually a quality that some places look for and that is what makes those who have a voice like mine VERY effective at more than just talking about recipes and unicorns.


The big "HACK" op/ed was covered beyond poorly by entities that are known to have less than savory reps when it comes to caring about integrity or things like facts. This is not a little thing to say the least. The first to jump on MSM and scream "RUSSIA" were as follows: REUTERS, MURDOCH, BEZOS. (last two in no particular order as most cross pollinate anyhow)...Murdoch and Bezos representing The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post (again the order usually doesn't matter too much. LET THAT SINK IN THAT REUTERS was first.


Here is a fun little tool that's noob level and easy to use and am sharing it with you all, all five of you who read my blog. :P

Thank You for your Consideration and God help us all with all that's coming...

perspective IS EVERYTHING...giphy



HIVE gotten by with a little help from my friends...

Screenshot 2020-12-02 at 2.07.06 PM.png

vid is on freaking point, the systems are broken, empathy is largely dead and come early 2021 tens of millions of Americans are at risk or are going to be left hungry and homeless
thanks greedy fucks!

thanks for your kindness and support, you are a righteous dude
It is sorta hard to be feeling like a lone voice at times :(

nice, i like it, reminds me of something I'd play when playing Mortal Kombat :P
psyched just did my first NFT

@TheOCU and I were discussing how This was already a defecto Fans Only way of running a club. But he can’t Run a Club to save his life.

I’ve paid $20 back in the daze to play Mortal Combat.
OG Mortal Combat. So why not HIVE Virtual Environments? In the new Age.


I was saying this earlier but some of us can just cut off and do our own thing, there's plenty of ready to go platforms etc.
https://peakd.com/nft/@battleaxe/you-wanna-piece-of-me Hoping to see how this goes, given the fact I actually write about things other then insipid bullshit we shall see won't we?