Declassified Earth Science

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It looks like it is going to be books for awhile.
I might put up some local pics, but for now, it's books.

Today's book is The Adam and Eve Story by Chan Thomas.
It seems odd to me that Chan has no wikipidea entry.
Perhaps it's because not enough people know about him.

His book:






This link has a slightly easier format to read.
Presuming that you might actually read it.

It's not every day that top secret climate science is declassified.
You might want to get in on this early.

This video tells a similar story from native verbal history.


After listening to the Hopi tale a couple of things came as a surprise to me. Surprise may be a kinder way of suggesting disbelief.

First that they had the concept of tenants. It had been my understanding that outside of tribe territoties that individual land ownership was foriegn to native american peoples.

The second, and perhaps more impressive suggestion, is that the ancient Hopi comprehended that the earth was in rotation round the sun.

Possible spoiler alert. Was Mother delivering the moon?

It pays to do your own research.
I don't know Hopi lore, so I can't say.

Was Mother delivering the moon?

Wouldn't that be an eye opener?
It would certainly dispel some misinformation.