Proud to be a Tire 5 Tech Card holder and My dCITY story .....

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Hi Everyone,
I started playing this great game only 4 weeks ago and it gives me a nice income each day at the moment. Actually this is a very fun game, with lots of strategies to study and then you can make an efficient city and also you can have a reasonable income in SIM token and HIVE daily.

I am not going to explain how this game works as there are lots of great tutorials and posts about dCity, but anyone can ask any question on how to build a nice city.

I think my city is one of the best efficient city in the game.

Well I explain you why I think this:

  1. Popularity - I stay around 35 - 45 in the ranking list (this list is based on population) due to the fact that I have a very good popularity. Even some of the top 25 players haven't got my figure.
  2. SIM income - Again when you see the ranking list, my Income is much higher than when considering my competition players around my place
  3. I am the only player that holds a TIER 5 tech card at the moment.
    I am a bit proud of having this one as there are no others tier 5 circulating in the entire dCity at the moment.

Here you can see my TIER 5 tech card

ad re.jpg

When discovering a technology, the probability is determined by tier and this special card has 2% chance to discover.
This great tech card boost my income nicely as I have some bunch of Garbage Dumps in my city.


In this journey I found some nice persons to share some knowledge and tips.
Thanks to @gerber (dcity game creator) for giving quick reply when we have a issue.
Also special thanks to @webdeals for supporting me in this journey.
Also I must mention all these nice person like @forykw, @d-pend, @libert, @bobawondua, @the01crow, @pixaroma, @cryptoknight12 ...etc

I will share some of my tricks with others in my next posts.

I would like to invite my friends to come and play this amazing game!


!LUV appreciate the dcrops trade

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Congratulations. Certainly a rare find and also being the first. Maybe @gerber can enact a history wall of fame.

I've never seen such efficiency as in your city, amazing.

Excellent tech for one with so many garbage dumps! This is the secret to such high Incomes! Cheers!

Congratulations on first Tier 5 card! I've discovered a couple Tier 1 and a Tier 2, most of which I've traded away. Not sure whether I would keep Advanced Recycling or not... I guess it depends on what people are willing to offer. People with deeper pockets would likely get more out of it than I would.

Lucky 🍀 beauty 💋

Congratulations on discovering this great card!

Awesome and congrats on discovering this tier5 technology!

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