Minted 10 more dCity cards and narrowly broke even! (NFT Giveaway!)

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I minted 10 more third edition cards at dCity and very closely broke even. I don't think I have ever come this close to getting equal value cards to the SIM spent. I used 8000 SIM (right now swaps for 3.24 HIVE). I got back 3.253 HIVE in cards. So close! I'll always welcome fire departments, but everything else was kind of meh.



Like in all of my dCity posts, If you upvote and comment you will be included in my dCity NFT giveaway once the rewards from these posts equals 1 HIVE. Look at all the cards I've given away on my other posts.

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count me in @jfang003

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As per usual, I am busy upvoting all your dcity posts hoping you’ll hit 1 Hive soon. Really can’t wait for the giveaway. Please count me in

Actually, I just realise there is this “rarity” in the nfts. The higher the rarity the better or the lower the rarity is better?