Dcity Giveaway - Bought another 10 Packs of 3rd Edition

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I'm starting this up again! I'm going to give away a free Dcity NFT to a random person. I have given away a bunch of Dcity card in the past. Check out my older posts! All you have to do is upvote this post and comment which of the cards that I minted today is the best of the lot and why. The person with the best answer will get a free cards from me after this post pays out. Based on the the amount this post makes will effect how much the NFT I give away is worth!

Here we go again. Spent 8000 more SIM to mint some 3rd edition cards. I'm not sure this is really a good investment, but I feel like rolling the dice. Here is what I got:


Fire Department.PNG
690 SIM (Total 1380)

Train Station.PNG
629 SIM

575 SIM

Music Store.PNG
540 SIM

434 SIM

636 SIM (total 1272 SIM)

Power Line.PNG
300 SIM

Barber Shop.PNG
530 SIM

So the total value of the card I got was 5660 SIM... This is pretty bad. I basically lost 2340 worth of SIM value. This is two days in a row of losing on minting cards. I guess if this post makes me at least 0.73111573 HIVE from HIVE/HBD/ALTs I will break even. Please upvote! Help me out!

I have not gotten a single construction site... which claims to be 20% drop rate. That's the only reason I'm minting to to get a back up of saved construction sites. I know it's cheaper to just buy them for 300ish SIM on the marketplace, but it seems like it would be more fun to just mint cards.

Investing in Dcity on the Hive cryptocurrency network can be a wise decision for several reasons. Firstly, the game has a strong and growing community of players who are actively engaged in the game and the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem. This creates a vibrant and active marketplace for trading resources and SIM tokens, which can lead to opportunities for investment and profit.

Secondly, Dcity operates on the HIVE cryptocurrency network, which is a fast and secure blockchain network that offers low transaction fees. This makes it an attractive platform for gamers and investors who are looking for a decentralized and efficient ecosystem.

Furthermore, Dcity uses real-world data to simulate the economy of the virtual city. This adds an element of realism to the game, which can attract more players and investors who are interested in the potential of using real-world data in the gaming and investment industries.

Lastly, Dcity has a unique feature of rewarding players with SIM tokens for participating in the game and running their cities efficiently. This means that players and investors can earn cryptocurrency simply by playing the game and participating in the ecosystem.

Overall, investing in Dcity on the Hive cryptocurrency network can be a smart move for those who are interested in the potential of blockchain technology and the gaming industry. With its active community, efficient network, and unique features, Dcity is set to continue growing and offering opportunities for investment and profit.


Come check out my city and tell me what you think? Suggestions? Or start your own city and share it with me and I can give you advice! Thanks for checking out my post!



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