Dcity - Bought 10 packs of 3rd Edition

in #dcity5 months ago

it's been a while since I have bought some Dcity cards. I spent 8000 Sim on 10 3rd edition packs. Lets see if I break even? Here is what I got. I'll show current for sale prices on the Dcity marketplace.


434 SIM (1302 Total)

Barber Shop.PNG
530 SIM (1060 Total)

595 SIM (1190 Total)

Construction Company.PNG
958 SIM (1916 Total)

Fire Department.PNG
690 SIM

So I ended up with no construction sites? Seems really rare as they have a 20% drop rate and the real reason I was buying packs. Lol. I got 6158 SIM worth of cards. I guess I'll keep the high popularity cards and sell the income based ones. With the way tax rate has been for like 6 months I don't think income will ever be a thing.