Bought 10 more cards from (Got a pretty rare card today!) (NFT Giveaway)

in #dcitylast year

Minted 10 more cards today and I about broke even. I've been liking the new president's allowing atleast a little bit of income profit. The war profits are going down, I could care less as long as some of the new people actually get a chance to make some SIM.

I'm happy I got a church, as long as I get a church it seems like a good haul. The TV station is pretty rare (2% chance!), and provides a lot, but takes up a lot of worker space. The office is always cool as long as you tech into it and get the bonus income to them. The construction sites seem to be raising in value every day! I'm not a fan of the barracks but I guess it's OK as long as you have tons and tons of popularity already. The commercial cards are good for gaining income. Overall, I'm happy with the drops today.


As always I will be collecting profits from my dCity posts and using the funds to buy people free NFTs. To participate just vote and comment. Reblogging would be cool too but don't feel obligated. Chack out my other posts where I gave people cards for free, I usually tend to give citizen cards because they seem the most useful (and you can always use them).

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I don't look at my city that often, but I did today! I also bought a few cards, because I had some unemployment happening.

I wish the game was a bit more graphically friendly instead of looking like a spread sheet, but for some reason I continue to enjoy checking in on it from time to time.

Congrats on your new cards.

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Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz

Hello, mate! Please, count me in for the giveaway!!

IGN: @luizeba


hello! thank you for being generous, i would really wish to participate in your giveaway. Also @ianmcg , if I may request, can I trouble you to help me have a look at my city? I started around a month ago, burnt almost 10 hive and I honestly have no idea what I am doing. I am receiving around 5 SIM a day and I have literally 0 clue what to do from there. If possible, would really hope for some help/delegations/advise, literally anything to get me moving again. thank you so much @ianmcg

10 Hive is not very much, you need to have about 100 Hive worth of property to really make anything. You can't really make any income without a Law Firm. Otherwise tax will make your income 0 in almost every case.

Oh goodness... I should have known better. I was following these so called "experts" on Youtube channels who boasted about cheats and all. Followed their advise and it landed me with the predicament that I am in right now... Don't mind but is there anything that you can advise for me to do right now to salvage the situation? Thank you

I make a lot with this game, if you invest more and strategize you can too. Although it's easy to sell whatever you bought, usually for more than you paid. You'll be fine.

I see. But I think it might be tough for me to dig out 100 hive. Any ideas what I can do for the time being while waiting for the 100 hive? Also, if I were to have the 100 hive, any idea what exactly I should be buying?

I would work on anything to get popularity up first, its increases population growth exponentialy. If you want to make hive, start posting some articles or how-to's. Then promote them on other blogs.

Yea, I’ve been trying to post articles to earn some hive! Haha.

Oh! It’s popularity? I’ve always thought is to get tax rebate first!

Tax rebate stuff is expensive.

Oooooo... I believe the TV station was the rare one you are referring to eh? Haha. Cool card bro