Dr. Robert Epstein on JRE - You Got to Return to JRE Amidst the Recent Controversy

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I covered the front camera on my cell phone again after listening to this interview.

It has been interesting to watch the controversy around Joe Rogan over the last couple months since my last post. Apparently/obviously I wasn't the only one underscoring that and other controversial three-hour-long conversations.

I figured it would only be prudent to underscore another important JRE episode not to miss.

Enter Dr. Robert Epstein, from the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology.


JRE #1768 - Dr. Robert Epstein (Jan 21, 2022):

Of course Rogan is only on Spotify. You can find some clips out there elsewhere, but the full episode is easiest found at the above link.

This conversation revolves around just how much you can be and are manipulated by search engines, just how much info is being stored on each of us, censorship, election influence, and the issues this all has created and could create.

This is a powerful interview.

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