Putting Communities Together

in dapps •  2 years ago  (edited)

I'm not talking about Steem communities only this time.

I reserved quite a long time today to listen to the recording of @pennsif's weekly State of Steem Forum. Quite an interesting format, with a different topic every week, and topics announced in advance. Much needed for understanding more about the 'state of steem', under different aspects of it.

This week was about dapps, mainly.

Better onboarding was clearly a focus of many of the participants, but there were a few unique perspectives.

I want to highlight today what @partiko has as a not so far into the future plan (few months), at least as I understood it, because there were some brief interruptions in Sida's intervention from the airport and background noise and announcements.

Seems like the the onboarding of the Tumblr banned accounts is part of the process, and that Partiko might become a place that will put together people and content from different platforms. Not all of them will join Steem, but some will. At the same time they will have the opportunity to interact cross their base or initial platforms, via Partiko.

So, right now we have these possibilities:

  1. multiple dapps, one blockchain (focus on technology)
  2. one (d)app, multiple blockchains (focus on application)
  3. one app, multiple platforms, centralized or decentralized (focus on people, and maybe secondary on the application)


I believe the evolution will be from 1 to 3. That won't make the technology (in particular the blockchain) any less important, but it will make it almost irrelevant to the final user, the people, just like a new generation car engine is to most drivers. But just because a driver doesn't know much about the car engine, that doesn't mean he or she doesn't expect it to run well, get him or her from point A to point B, with a low consumption, or the opposite, fast and lambo-ish.

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