✅GEOMA DAO: Revolutionizing Governance Through Complete Decentralization✅

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We live in a world where the word change is totally inevitable. Not a single aspect of the world does not undergo change, scientifically, we term this as evolution.

Gone are the days when technology was as its barest minimum, I mean the days when the only means of communication and getting information was through faxes and newspaper, the internet technology was invented and ever since then, we have seen tremendous improvements in most global sectors.

Talking in terms of governance, we wouldn’t deny the fact that this aspect of humans is still the same way as it has been from inception, I am talking about the centralized government where a single entity or group of entities decides and imposes rules and regulations on their followers, this if course have its own advantages but then, comparing its disadvantages to its advantages, you’ll agree with me that its high time we annihilate this old system of government and rather embrace decentralization.

This is the main reason behind the creation of blockchain technology which is based mainly on decentralization policy. A very good technology product of the blockchain is the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that constructs a new economic model using the blockchain technology in creating a shared economy, wellbeing and wealth for people in a socially conscious way. If this technology is being adopted by the government globally, you can just imagine the extent of the economic improvements that will be achieved!

We can’t just fold our hands making speculations and expect to see improvements, hence, I present to you an innovative project meant to disrupt the usual way of governance, GEOMA DAO.

The GEOMA DAO platform is a distributed network of contributors that communicates and interacts through blockchain smart contracts in order to generate steady and sustainable growth.


Unlike other blockchain projects that preach decentralization but do otherwise, this platform will operate on a total decentralization protocol, hence there will be no CEO, upper management, middle management or lower management which literally means that even the founders will be regarded as contributors to the network.

Whenever new decisions are to be made, it must go 4 stages which are; proposal stage, voting for implementation stage, consensus creation stage and project implementation stage. So basically, GEOMA DAO right from inception to the product development and launch is totally decentralized in operation; this is indeed a ‘’one in a million’’ project!

In a bid to achieve a totally decentralized platform, GEOMA DAO has decided not to pre-plan with a readymade product; rather the DAO member will propose and vote the blockchain on which the project will build on. Furthermore, the platform will in the future venture into clean sustainable energy, real estates and agriculture by partnering with companies that’ll give the right functionality and form to bring it to reality.

The token

Just like I said in my previous write-ups, GEOMA DAO tokens model is made up of 2 main tokens which is the GMD and GMDST tokens. The price of GMD tokens during IEO shall be $1/GMD and it has a total supply of 21million. Its major usecase is mainly for proposing, voting and taking part in other activities on the network, on the other hand, GMDST tokens shall be released to DAO members after the voting of the implementation of real world project and it will be backed up by real world assets.


In conclusion, getting involved in a project like this at its early phase is indeed a great opportunity not to be taken for granted, because all indications of this projects points to the fact that its an exceptional project that’ll eventually find its way to becoming one of the top blockchain projects in existence though its complete decentralization policy hence, you don’t want to miss out on this great revolution!

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