Cymatics, The Way to See The Sound - Spreading Some Vibes Again

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I know, reading the title of this post can give the impression that it is just one of the many of my attempts to spread the vibes... in a challenge or not in the challenge version. It is the same, in fact. Not everything has to be seen as a challenge to find fun in it. But, it is giving joy, to write an article having at least mentioned the combination of these words. Also, not far away from spreading some vibes and vibrations will be this post about. First of all, the trigger came from a post I saw 9 days ago (yes, I checked now the exact day to be sure) posted by @beesparkle. She said: Science is fun . Hmm, well, I am a musician, and although there are great musician-scientists and scientist-musicians, this field has never been one of my strong sides. It can be interesting for me and of course, my mind is blown away reading some unbelievable facts from the scientific researches, but the music side prevailed and I just stayed as a musician. (I take this opportunity to brag a little, my niece, who appeared in some posts here on hive where we played four-handed and where she drew a fairy while I played, in addition to studying musicology, she enrolled in another college. Applied mathematics. She is crazy, of course in a positive sense, all the best grades in musicology, so she probably misses a little more mind challenges. Loving so much my niece who is outstanding in all areas.)

I apologize for this interlude, let's get back to the topic. So, science is fun, Beesparkle said. In her post, she announced some upcoming events, as a part of the European Researchers’ Night and an important point:

So, find a site with the events in your country and indulge your curiosity :D . Then post about your experience and spread the vibes of science ;)

Holy moly, she is inviting us to spread the vibes of science!!!

Why not accept the challenge? Indeed, why not? Why would I stay just in the field of music and not dig a bit in the other areas too? As a strange thing (btw, does it ever happen to you that you think about something and then your gadgets start to bomb you with advertisements with the thing you just thought about? ) YouTube suggested me a video, this one in particular:

YouTube video source - Nigel John Stanford

What we have seen here? What is Cymatics at all? I would like to call it just art, as you see how beautiful is the cover photo that comes from Lisandro Pardo. It is pure art, but in fact, not just art is involved here. Science too. Although the video we have seen tries to be attractive and easy to consume, after all somehow he had to bring the attention of the audience, nothing here is new. The effects he used were discovered some time ago, but anyway, he did a nice job with his music and showing it through {experiments}. Yes, showing the music, as we talk about seeing the sound. Visualising the vibrations of the music.

An interlude, once again!

If you want, pay attention to the part in the video at 2:42 until about minute 3. Do you see the globe he touches? It is an ionizing globe or plasma globe, and the roots of this invention come from the plasma lamp invented by Nikola Tesla. Actually, I think nothing to see with music and sound, but with noble gases and with a high-voltage electrode in the centre of the globe. I had the opportunity to see and touch it this summer in one exposition, dedicated to Nikola Tesla. Here comes a very short video, just to show it. That is the hand of a friend and I was the one reflected in the centre of that globe, recording with the phone :)

I liked the Nikola Tesla inventions exposed there. When I tried this globe, it was exciting to see those moving tendrils following your fingertips and the laces where you touch the glass ball. I was also playing a bit with other exposed inventions, but it would need more space. We have to go back to cymatics :)


Now finally, getting back to the topic. According to all that I tried to read and listen to different educational videos, cymatics is the study of visible sound. The vibration that we can see through nice, artistic like patterns. Normally, we hear the frequencies, the waves, coming by air. When our ear catches them, it makes our eardrum vibrate, and it creates electrical signals to send to our brain. We can not see the waves as the air is invisible. But what happens if another medium vibrates according to the received frequencies? Yeah, we see them.

Although there were some other notable inventors during history that may realise some similar experiments or at least observations on resonance, like Da Vinci or Galileo, it was Ernest Chladni that put some sand on a metal plate and made it resonate with a violin bow. A pattern occurred then. Much later, Hans Jenny made more researches around this matter and called it cymatics in 1970s. He attached a sine wave frequency generator to a metal plate and started to play placing some dust or sand on the same plate. When he made the metal plate vibrate at different frequencies (using the frequency generator) the sand formed geometric patterns. The patterns became more and more complex at higher frequencies. We can also see the frequencies if we place water or other liquid to a dish and make it resonate with music sound. Here is another nice video, where we can observe the patterns and how complex they become when the frequencies are higher:

YouTube video source brusspup

As usual, at the end of my posts, I am asking a question, or two :).

Have you heard about cymatics before? Have you actually thought about visualising the music? Are there photographers here in hive that already worked with this matter and captured the music in this way?

For sure, this way we can see the music, not just hear it, and these visuals are something I like to see. Although, it is still not so spread, some artists started to experiment with it too, so beautiful artworks are created using the frequencies and visualising the waves, the sound. Hence, one more photo is coming, the same author and source as the cover photo, to enjoy a bit more in the artistic side of science.



Thank you for spreading the vibes of science...and art <3
I said science is fun, now I am adding science is art :)
Though I consider myself more into science, I actually like art very much, and if there is a way to connect them, woow, that is just great.
Science can make art more divergent and art can make scientists be more creative so win-win :D
Oh, and Tesla.s ball, great way to start a physics lesson :)
Real life example that I am mentioning to kids is not seeing the music but feeling it - you know when you are at the concert and something is kicking your stomach and chests? That is also what I use to explain that deaf people can also "listen" music.

You are welcome, it was a pleasure.

Btw, I saw and read your article from today, and made the experiment! How cool. Hence, I would like to share the link of your post here so if anyone wants to see what about it is can check it too :

Loved it !

The science of sound, and everyday life in general, is so interesting. I remember learning about sound in high school physics class. We set up a speaker at the front of the room and our desks in rows. Then we walked down the rows and stopped at key points to listen to the sound coming from the speaker. It would get louder or quieter (sometimes even sounding muffled) depending on the location we stopped. That day we learned that sound travels in a wave and it is loudest at the peak of the wave and is quiet or even muffled at a node, the place where two waves meet each other and cancel each other out. It was interesting learning in such a practical way and that always stuck with me.

You were lucky to have a teacher that showed the subject in this way. Excellent! It is always better to teach through real examples, and if the students are actively involved in the teaching/learning process. No surprise you still remember those lessons.

Well, I just remember the book of physics and the images of the waves where the propagation of the sound was represented. Not really interesting to learn in that way, maybe I even thought: why do we have to learn this? Just leave me alone to play my piano hahaha. Oh, a completely wrong approach was it. Now, when my son had to learn the same in his conservatory, he plays the violin, we took the learning more interestingly. I tried to make it as more pleasant as possible to explain what is reverberation, what is resonance, the speed of the sound, and even how the temperature or the humidity of the air affects the speed of the song propagation.

Anyway, interesting stuff to read and learn about, but yes, as a child I didn't think that way :D

 last year (edited)

Now both my eyes and ears can't stop catching the vibes.

Every sound has its pattern and that I think is beautiful.

I try to correlate my love for patterns and my love for music.I also loved physics and mathematics while in school and it seems my ability to play music and appreciate it comes from some inherent place too, which supports my love for patterns, and maths.

In my little studio I have DAWs and plugins that can show some patterns too and it attracts me so much. Lol.
Could it be that more of music can be seen than heard? .. If we can make music limitlessly, hear music limitlessly, we should also be able to see music limitlessly.. Help me here please..

Talking about Science, I take music for science actually,more than an art. It is a whole load of it, in Medicine there are researches being done on music therapy which has proven effects in psychiatry especially.

And yes, how youtube videos pop up and you think they read your mind, feels strange to me too, but I feels its also an algorithm that reads your pattern of searches and likes over time. Pattern is and in everything.

Thanks again @mipiano for a beautiful piece.

Ow, @jaydr , what a meaningful comment! This kind of interaction is that is driving us, what more would one need here?

Knowing you are a doctor, and also as you mention it here, you probably have more insight in the field of music therapy and what results the vibes from music can give on patients. Therefore, I would like to invite you to take part in this spread the vibes challenge :) If you want to check some of those posts in my blog to see what about it is, or check some of them here and if you like, we would love to see you taking part in it. Only if you find joy in it 😇

I will definitely take part in it, since you recommend it. I can't turn it down.
There is no doubt, I ll find joy in it.
I ll go through the link to understand what exactly is expected of me and then I set to work.
I envisage writing on music and medicine.. 😇.. A beauty to me.

Often times I took my guitar to the pediatric ward. To see unhealthy kids smile and sing for joy is a powerful sight. I ll leave the rest of the vibes for the spreading. Later.

Any helps on how to go about it, is it like a community or a tag/topic.. I m still a newbie here remember..😅

Well, no special community set for it, but for example open mic would not match it. You can see where we were posting, and as one of the best references, you can check out Edje's posts. He is doing so well his articles. The tags, yes, #spreadthevibes and maybe #music too.

I will definitely take part in it, since you recommend it. I can't turn it down.

You can, hehehe, it is just that I see you as a great and so talented hiver! A newbie, I know BUT I almost can not believe how short time you are in this platform and you rock with your honest engagement and quality posts.

Often times I took my guitar to the pediatric ward. To see unhealthy kids smile and sing for joy is a powerful sight.

Oh my, this is so sweet. Well, I am so looking forward for those vibes you are going to share with us !

 last year (edited)

Oh ok thanks, this has been so helpful clearing it out for me.

I see you as a great and so talented hiver!

Thank you so much, I m glad I got you to learn a lot from actually, thanks for always being honest @mipiano even on the keys.

Couldnt stop laughing at this, knowing what you probably meant

I am so looking forward for those vibes you are going to share with us !

Muchísimas gracias mi querida @mipiano por compartir esto tan interesante, he disfrutado esta publicación con mis hijos y les encantó. Definitivamente la música viaja mucho más de lo que imaginamos, esas vibraciones son las que en algunos casos nos hace sentir los pelos de punta. De verdad que amé esta publicación, la archivé en mis contenidos de estudios musicales. Bendiciones mi bella.

Definitivamente, la música viaja y se esparce donde ni siquiera la vemos y nos hace tener ese sentimiento especial. A veces nos hace felices, a veces nos entristece, a veces nos calma, y ​​es extraño pensar que todo son vibraciones, pero lo son. Un conjunto de perfecta armonía y ondas. Ahora, cuando podemos verlas, gracias a los experimentos que hemos visto aquí, el placer es aún mayor. Gracias por visitarme, leer y compartir con tus hijos también, me alegra que os haya gustado el tema. Feliz domingo @mariajruizb 😇

Por supuesto, tienes razón, las vibraciones se conectan con nuestros sentidos de una manera increible, tanto que estimiulan al bebé desde que está en el vientre de su madre. La música también es sanadora y si la empleamos de manera positiva en donde logremos que ella misma pueda cambiar muchos aspectos de nuestra vida, entonces seguiremos teniendo esperanza en la tierra. Estuve haciendo un estudio basafo en la neurociencia y el canto, y fué impresionante todo lo que pude aprender. Una vez me tocó cantarle a unos niños enfermos en el hospital y mi esposo se llevó su guitarra. Habia una niña que tenía 3 días con una paralisis causada por una fiebre muy alta, pies cuando terminamos de tocar y cantar, la niña comenzó a aplaudir y su mamá se desplomó del llanto, y fué allí cuando nos dijo que no podía creer lo que había visto en su hija y nos contó lo de la paralisis, así que vivir para la música y saber comprenderla, nos hace seres humanos portadores de la paz y la salvación del mundo. Que hermoso fue pasar oor ru blog de verdad, ahora lo haré más seguido jajajajjajajja. Tqm

It is wonderful!

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