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RE: Cymatics, The Way to See The Sound - Spreading Some Vibes Again

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The science of sound, and everyday life in general, is so interesting. I remember learning about sound in high school physics class. We set up a speaker at the front of the room and our desks in rows. Then we walked down the rows and stopped at key points to listen to the sound coming from the speaker. It would get louder or quieter (sometimes even sounding muffled) depending on the location we stopped. That day we learned that sound travels in a wave and it is loudest at the peak of the wave and is quiet or even muffled at a node, the place where two waves meet each other and cancel each other out. It was interesting learning in such a practical way and that always stuck with me.


You were lucky to have a teacher that showed the subject in this way. Excellent! It is always better to teach through real examples, and if the students are actively involved in the teaching/learning process. No surprise you still remember those lessons.

Well, I just remember the book of physics and the images of the waves where the propagation of the sound was represented. Not really interesting to learn in that way, maybe I even thought: why do we have to learn this? Just leave me alone to play my piano hahaha. Oh, a completely wrong approach was it. Now, when my son had to learn the same in his conservatory, he plays the violin, we took the learning more interestingly. I tried to make it as more pleasant as possible to explain what is reverberation, what is resonance, the speed of the sound, and even how the temperature or the humidity of the air affects the speed of the song propagation.

Anyway, interesting stuff to read and learn about, but yes, as a child I didn't think that way :D