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RE: Cymatics, The Way to See The Sound - Spreading Some Vibes Again

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Thank you for spreading the vibes of science...and art <3
I said science is fun, now I am adding science is art :)
Though I consider myself more into science, I actually like art very much, and if there is a way to connect them, woow, that is just great.
Science can make art more divergent and art can make scientists be more creative so win-win :D
Oh, and Tesla.s ball, great way to start a physics lesson :)
Real life example that I am mentioning to kids is not seeing the music but feeling it - you know when you are at the concert and something is kicking your stomach and chests? That is also what I use to explain that deaf people can also "listen" music.


You are welcome, it was a pleasure.

Btw, I saw and read your article from today, and made the experiment! How cool. Hence, I would like to share the link of your post here so if anyone wants to see what about it is can check it too :

Loved it !