VShield 2020 Cybersecurity Conference

in cybersecurity •  6 days ago 

The VShield 2020 virtual conference is a can’t-miss cybersecurity event!  Friday May 22nd

Bruce Schneier is delivering the keynote and multiple rooms/tracks will be available with many great sessions and informative panels. 

I have the honor of being on the Cyber Resilience, Agility and Innovation in the New Normal panel with the distinguished and infamous G.Mark Hardy and Chris Roberts.  We will be discussing a wide range of cybersecurity topics that impact every digital citizen on the planet!  I believe there will be time set aside for Q&A as well, so get your contentious questions ready!

VShield is normally held in Istanbul Turkey, so be prepared for an early morning conference here in the U.S. 

You can see the agenda and register here: https://vshield2020.com/

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There is a cast of characters! That will likely be a crazy fun panel to watch!

It is going to be fun to be ON the panel!