The Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack Might be Good for America

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The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, that caused fear of fuel shortages on the US East Coast, might be exactly what the nation needed to improve Critical Infrastructure security!

In this week’s video, I discuss why the attack was a much-needed wake-up call for those not paying attention to the big risks that are present in the country’s Critical Infrastructure sectors.  Although disruptive, this attack might have far-reaching benefits.

Let me know how you were affected and if you think it will drive positive changes for the cybersecurity of the nation!


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Critical Infrastructure is such a huge target. We should all be worried. Perhaps this is a good wake-up call!

 last year 

Wonder what measures are they gonna take and if it would mean a complete overhaul of the current security systems.

 last year 

That one company, all the fuel pipeline companies, the entire fuel supply sector, or all of the Critical Infrastructures that the U.S. depends upon? The problem is huge.